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Knowledge is power3/8/20014.0
Stress-skin panels12/23/20034.0
Building with ICF's9/21/20054.0
Subs in Austin TX12/5/20093.7
Questions and Answers2/19/20044.7
Panelized building1/19/2007
Heating systems2/27/2004
California ICF contractors2/18/2002
Non-standard Construction4/1/20025.0
O-Bs Reno, NV6/18/20203.3
SIP Construction7/4/20193.7
Basement Construction Choices3/9/20074.0
Building out of natural stone - no timber11/3/2003
COBS Homes12/1/20044.0
Roof not on, winter here - frost heave?7/13/20144.3
ICF/eco-block/concrete residential building4/24/20073.3
Radiant In Floor Heating8/5/20053.3
Prefab houses2/15/2004
2x6 wood framing vs. Concrete Block construction9/19/20033.0
Building with ICF9/11/20071.0
Florida owner-builders7/16/20071.0
Rastra Block4/10/2019
Louisiana Owner-builders4/27/20101.0
location, location? What is the deal breaker?3/12/2004
Building with ECO-Block, anyone know it?7/21/20094.0
What are the costs of engineering consultation?8/27/20043.5
Tech Block5/26/20044.0
Superior Wall vs. ICF's, Which is best for PA?10/1/20041.0
Concrete Decks8/21/2004
100% Financing for O-Bs5/29/2005
A-1 Building Ideas2/14/20193.8
Balanced ventilation w/ERV & humidity control8/24/2004
Dirt work and trenching2/8/20054.2
O-B Webpage9/20/20044.0
Using Software to Save $$ on House Plans9/25/20044.7
Owner-Builder Personal Websites8/24/2005
Big Family - Lots of Help in Building - DIY10/16/2004
Getting subs to compete10/21/2004
Steel Framing11/1/2004
TF System vs Horizontal ICFs ....Opinons3/2/20054.3
Shingles - Bargain Price?10/30/2004
Looking for land6/17/2011
Visiting Construction sites.11/3/20044.4
Designing your own home.11/3/20045.0
Washington State12/27/2013
Home Depot "Contractor Appreciation Days"1/25/2005
Detailed Spec. Question11/5/20044.2
Here we go!11/26/2004
Paying Unlicensed Subs11/17/20044.5
Bidding Out-Include Supplies?11/18/2004
Insulation - Icynene7/13/2006
Calculate building area1/5/20053.7
Manual J vs. Rule of Thumb Sizing10/19/2011
O-B Networking needed in NC RTP area4/5/20063.9
Garage doors/Flush-mounted/Disappearing walls12/2/2004
Drawing your own plans - who's done it?2/13/2006
Is foam insulation worth the price?5/8/20064.2
Tankless Water heater....1/24/20054.1
Building process??12/10/2004
Deitrich steel joists w/ICF's12/13/2004
Lumber package and drywall bid3/14/20102.0
Stucco Pricing12/14/2004
Soy-Based Foam Insulation6/22/20064.0
Talking the lingo12/19/20045.0
Radiant floor heat vs. forced air6/8/20064.1
Getting subs in a VERY busy market?12/29/20044.0
ICF vs. masonry blocks1/9/20054.3
Any O-Bs trying to build in NH?5/18/20064.0
Getting HD/Lowe's, etc. to match prices?1/13/2005
Stamped and Polished Concrete - Who's done it?8/30/20054.1
Panelized Homes?4/10/20103.3
Superior Walls Foundations?12/8/2016
ICF's on eBay1/21/2005
Cost Per Square Footage3/11/20203.8
Brick vs. Vinyl1/25/20054.5
ICF Financing1/29/2005
Stick Framing vs. Trusses2/1/20053.0
ICF Weight2/7/20052.4
tile shower floor8/16/20052.1
Building in Wisconsin6/6/20053.2
Wireless Technology4/14/20053.9
Pouring your own ICF walls4/28/20053.6
ICF's adapted to custom plans?3/10/20053.4
Spray-in-place Polyurethane Insulation2/24/20053.4
PEX tubing7/21/2011
Round Panelized Houses?2/26/2005
Stick Frame: 2x4 or 2x6 walls?2/28/2005
Trying to locate subs2/28/20053.8
Ceiling height cost differences8/10/20054.0
Sending out Plans/Blueprints3/7/2005
Any recommendations on Heating and cooling systems3/23/20053.2
ICF Brand comparisons... Foam thickness/ R-Value3/31/20052.0
ICF near Raleigh, NC3/14/20054.0
Land !?!?! need help.8/11/2005
Foundation Walls with ICFs3/14/20055.0
Footing Forms and Drains3/16/2005
Anyone have any experience with Durisol ICFs7/21/20094.2
Saving on taxes once the house is built7/15/20141.0
How To Start an Itemized Budget?10/17/20083.7
Looking for info on Superior Walls6/15/20093.6
Charge for Takeoffs? Is this normal?3/30/20051.0
Non-vented crawlspace w/ICF8/12/2012
HVAC sizing for ICF/SIP... even all homes3/21/2006
LOGIX vs. PolySteel4/12/2005
ICF curtainrods and picture hangers7/5/20054.1
Roof truss suggestion and time frame4/13/2005
Question - ICF with Steel Interior Wall/Panels4/26/2005
Networking with Owner-Builders3/18/20153.5
Sierra Pacific Windows4/10/20193.8
Advice needed on 'sub structure walls4/22/2005
Value Engineering and Profit4/30/20054.3
ICF and % of budget?1/19/2006
Owner-Building deconstruction (read: stress)6/4/20053.8
Hiring Out-of-Area Subcontractors, Pros and Cons2/20/20084.5
The UBuildIt Program4/4/20193.6
Why Geothermal? Why not! Here are the facts...7/31/20053.8
9-ft. vs. 8-ft. ceiling in basement8/23/20054.1
First Big Roadblock! Help!!6/2/20054.2
Anyone used Punch! for drawing their own plans?2/6/20174.1
Structural Insulated Panels10/27/2010
4 or 6"6/16/20054.0
attaching interior walls to ICF6/30/2005
Sloping Lots3/22/20144.6
Foundation Costs2/27/20083.3
Computer controlled HVAC zoning7/31/20103.5
Hardwood over Concrete4/2/20064.2
Bonus Rooms8/11/20054.5
Propane Gas/Electric/or Geothermal HVAC???12/23/20064.1
Tax Credits5/23/20103.7
Wraparound porch rails and floor material?4/6/20101.0
Panelized package cost3/2/20063.1
low/no maintenance siding options?10/12/20094.0
Do you interview plan designers like subs?8/9/20053.8
T-Mass foundations8/19/20054.2
ICF granite window sills8/16/20054.3
SIP construction2/16/20163.6
Thermal Mass Example3/11/2009
Products I've used so far9/9/20064.3
building codes4/19/20063.6
Home networking11/19/20074.0
general catch-all area3/1/20063.4
Do it yourself ICF9/7/20054.0
Stamped Concrete Facade on ICF?9/28/20054.4
Concrete Countertops12/4/2007
Radiant Floor Heat9/21/20054.5
ICFs vs. conventional foundation and walls9/15/20084.4
ICF waterproofing10/21/20053.5
Price per sq. ft. on framing10/23/20153.9
Concrete Homes10/19/20054.5
Working with subs - purchasing material10/18/20054.3
ISO ICF Contractors7/5/20123.7
events and education10/22/20063.5
Construction Draws11/8/20054.0
Spray Insulation10/16/20074.3
ICF VS Conventional Basement2/3/20063.8
What is included in designer's final plans?12/5/20054.2
Using 2x6s for concrete foundation forms to save $12/6/20054.3
Reverse Slab on Grade.....Pros & Cons?12/15/20054.6
Drywall and ICF's12/15/2005
The Beginning9/14/2010
soil conditions and draining to the footers12/28/20054.1
Nomenclature Problem12/11/20074.0
Need Help Finding ICF dealer in so. cal.12/27/20053.0
ICF Electrical Tip10/11/20064.5
Window bucks and ICF2/1/20063.9
Is it possible to build a custom home for $65/squa3/24/20073.5
delays and disappointments1/10/20064.1
Do We Have to Use an Architect?3/4/20083.8
Value of Energy Efficiency in planning1/17/20064.3
Building with ICF in Sacramento Area of CA1/10/20064.3
Concrete Poured Decks4/13/20064.0
Getting Subs in the Real World4/18/20064.5
ICF vs. CMU1/25/20064.1
Composite Decking4/28/2009
Building methods compared7/21/20063.3
Concrete Prices Going Up2/24/20063.8
test holes for basement?2/6/20063.5
Designing SIP or stick-frame house9/17/20101.0
Metal Studs2/9/20063.5
Has anyone installed cement board siding yourself2/23/20064.8
Learning ICF2/6/2006
EIFS on ICF walls3/23/20063.1
Vanguard Manabloc and Vanex PEX4/29/20064.5
Chamberlain WhisperDrive Garage Door Openers2/7/20064.0
James Hardie Lap Siding6/24/20094.0
Looking for Contractor-Consultant in Orlando 46/28/2006
Waterproofing ICF2/23/2006
Basement in ARIZONA????8/13/20083.4
ICF Subs around Pittsburgh2/23/20064.0
ICF in Vero Area10/12/20175.0
Hardwood floor over radiant heat2/27/2006
Should I try it?3/1/20064.2
Need a construction loan12/30/20122.0
Looking for an engineering stamp?7/7/20083.2
ICF Second Story Wall Issue4/19/20063.8
Plans without Electrical, Plumbing or Mechanical3/14/20064.2
IndyMac vs. MidCountry12/6/20103.5
2006 KC Area Home Show March 23-263/27/20064.5
Ceiling Paint - What Did You Do?4/7/20103.9
need engineer?3/19/20063.5
How many copies?6/19/20063.9
SF cost of construction in KC3/23/20065.0
Contractor Myths11/7/2018
Overwhelmed or just confused?5/23/20064.0
Looking for Contractor-Consultant in Orlando 27/14/20131.0
Energy calcs4/9/2006
Panelized package costs vs stick built.5/1/20064.0
Input On Poured Concrete Floors for the 2nd storey4/6/20064.0
HVAC Sizing Way Off !!!!4/6/20064.0
P2000 insulation4/20/20094.4
ICF in VA11/6/2010
ICFs in South Jersey?5/12/2006
Looking for Jacksonville FL O-Bs10/18/20064.0
foundations in Tulsa, OK7/23/20064.0
Arched patio what price???4/19/20063.8
building departments4/19/20064.7
Clearing the Way!3/12/20084.1
Input please. Building with ICF is not possible?5/2/20184.3
Concrete V. Framed Walkout5/12/20064.7
Planning for first time.5/19/20063.8
1.5-Story vs. One-Story Construction11/23/20074.2
Footing depth?5/28/20064.5
Jacksonvile Custom Builders2/6/20074.0
ICF, SIP's, stick built?8/7/2006
Out island Bahamas7/7/20073.5
Tip - Get Your Power Turned on Early6/11/20064.7
DFW Area Subs6/14/20064.0
Steel, ICF, SIP, Block???1/21/20154.0
Rock Bottom Prices for Doorknobs3/1/20103.5
Passive Solar - glazing6/23/20064.5
Modern home construction methods6/27/20064.5
Any owner-builders in Michigan, and cost sq/ft?11/10/20183.8
Lightening Protection Systems7/11/20064.5
Construction Loan interest rates?7/14/2006
Am I in the wrong?7/20/20061.0
ALACHUA County Florida Owner-Builder info9/13/20073.6
House Appraised Lower1/22/20094.1
Looking for Contractor-Consultant in Orlando 74/29/2012
Our new ICF hybrid home construction website.7/29/20064.0
Other Mama O-Bs out there?7/31/20064.0
Sunlight Homes SIP's4/10/20074.1
Any Owner-Builders in AZ (Valley of the Sun)?2/1/20073.9
FREE HVAC Calculation Software8/12/20064.0
Looking for Contractor-Consultant in Orlando10/5/20071.0
CAT V wiring10/4/2007
Any Minnesota Owner-Builders Out There?10/18/20064.1
SF Prices in Austin10/29/2007
What type house to build?12/5/20064.2
Tankless Hot Water Heaters7/4/2019
Radiant floor heating9/10/20063.4
Looking for Contractor-Consultant in Orlando 58/9/2007
Good Subcontractors around the Twin Cities9/9/20075.0
Any Hoosiers Using ARIT?2/5/20143.0
looking for a designer in E Texas2/9/20073.5
600 Posts3/3/20074.1
New Project10/1/20063.6
Anybody build in Cedar City?9/30/2006
Amvic AmDeck Questions12/12/20064.3
Finally Done - Got CO!10/7/20064.5
ICF DIY home6/15/20093.5
ViWinTech windows?10/26/20064.0
Sealing service penetrations12/12/20064.0
Now the fun begins...11/6/20063.2
$2,000 Tax Credit11/11/20064.5
ICF Installers11/8/20143.2
ICF Installer/Builder3/8/20093.6
ReddiForm ICFs1/2/20154.2
Looking for Contractor-Consultant in Orlando 82/21/20084.4
Nudura contractors in Austin-San Antonio corridor5/23/20093.0
ICF - Great Energy Efficiency!12/4/20065.0
Icynene versus Urethane foam insulation3/13/20074.3
Steel framing cost7/16/20073.8
Walkout Basement Trench Footing or Buried Wall?12/20/20064.5
Solar+Hydronic for Space Heating12/29/20064.1
Can you be an O-B and still keep your day job?12/30/20064.7
Private Message to John3/31/20073.2
Any Pennsylvania Owner-Builders? Near Butler Co.?12/29/2006
ICF feedback12/6/20093.7
Electrical Box Question7/9/2008
New Southern Home 20072/5/20073.0
ICFs in mid-Will Valley12/13/20083.7
ICF Design Considerations2/12/20073.7
Plumbing: Anyone use PEX tubing?7/15/20094.2
External Foundation Insulation2/15/20073.5
Work for the framer to save money?3/8/20074.0
Anyone building in the Las Cruces, NM area?3/7/20073.4
Price for Dac-Art?6/22/20194.0
Basement Walls Poured vs ICF7/8/20174.0
Making a house PV ready?7/15/20144.1
Mid Missouri9/21/2007
O-B in Northern VA3/8/20093.0
Direct Buy3/26/20074.0
Contracts for subs?11/26/20074.1
GB Specifier3/24/20074.0
Polyurethane ICF4/15/20073.8
Getting to Dry In4/8/20074.0
ICFs in Pima/Cochise counties7/16/20153.8
House plans first vs. buying land?5/9/2007
Decided on a plan-architect, designer????5/23/20073.9
Nervous in Michigan5/6/20074.4
building a green home10/20/20093.9
SIPs Home Kits9/13/20074.0
O-B Finance in Texas6/30/20161.0
ICF house?6/30/20104.0
Thinking about owner-building in NW Ohio8/13/20094.3
International Builders Show7/9/20074.3
Any O-B's in St. Augustine, FL?11/5/20073.4
IAnyone heard of ICF Wall Systems & Supplies, Inc.7/15/20074.0
AAC, ICF, and CMU, oh my!8/7/20083.8
ICF & floor joist bolts8/2/20074.7
Moneysaving design elements?10/29/20074.1
$28,000 for foundation?9/17/20074.3
Self-Work vs. Subcontractor9/19/20074.8
Dirt Dumping - ways to save?12/31/2008
Open Cell vs Closed Cell Spray Foam10/19/20073.5
Panelized quote?10/13/20073.8
What Wall Material12/14/20084.2
ICF's and Cultured Stone12/2/20083.7
Icynene Retrofit for older Victorian home12/7/20073.0
Rebar Question6/22/20194.5
Cost of ICF vs CMU12/11/20074.2
Anyone willing to look at my floorplan?2/7/20093.8
HVAC and SIPs12/21/20074.1
Use of insulation on the outside of a basement1/2/20084.7
Pima County1/6/20083.3
Want to do ICF in Ellicott City, MD8/9/20124.4
Looking for other O-B's in the Dallas area1/4/20083.1
SIP's Are Expensive!1/16/20084.3
SIP home advice/tips?6/23/2008
Spray-in-Place Cellulose Insulation3/1/20093.3
Financing options1/25/20083.3
Cross of AAC and ICF 2/21/20084.0
Building ICF6/16/20094.0
Reasonable Architect Bid?2/8/20094.0
Post your Budget10/1/2008
getting bids3/2/20083.0
Cost of Stucco vs. HardiePlank lap siding5/27/20091.0
Getting a House Plan4/8/20083.5
Which ICF manufacturer is best?7/15/20084.0
Subs won't get back with bids7/7/20084.3
Appraisals - SIPs vs. stick built4/7/20084.0
ICF contractors references San Diego or nearby4/17/20083.0
Help for O-B's in Southern MD4/29/20083.0
Faux Brick Panels12/13/20094.3
stone on ICF7/28/20083.4
My rant about appraisals5/26/2008
PolySteel Central Texas7/20/20084.0
Boomer-friendly design1/5/20103.5
An Overwhelming Task!6/12/20083.4
Apartment Building6/14/2008
All-stone house considerations?8/15/20083.5
Fresno/Clovis Area Owner-Builders12/13/20083.1
Anyone want to start a list of quality subs?8/9/2011
Anniston Area8/18/20083.3
ICF and cabinets7/6/20083.5
Architect on the Treasure Coast10/21/20083.2
HVAC - ICF - Load Calcs9/17/20083.7
Help Finding SIPs5/18/20093.7
ICF Lake Wylie, SC9/28/20093.0
All Wall System3/5/20203.7
I'm Planning My Energy-Efficient "Green" Home...12/13/20154.1
DIY Electrical?2/3/20104.4
CSI Format Construction Specifications8/7/20084.3
Better than ICF - Omnicrete6/9/20103.5
Wall Insulation Options and Performance7/15/2014
ICF construction scheduling1/11/2019
Lien question - contractor bounced check9/3/2008
Is there an ICF construction loan?9/25/2008
Is there an ICF construction loan?9/25/20084.0
UBuildIt vs. Owner Builder Network Dallas11/18/20084.0
Bidding Strategies11/5/20084.3
Another Capital Gains Question11/10/20084.0
just starting12/11/20084.0
concrete slab foundation and stem wall3/1/20181.0
Tangi/St. Tammany/Baton Rouge owner-builders12/10/20093.9
DIY Geothermal8/13/2013
OSB SIPs vs. Steel/EPS exterior walls1/12/20094.3
ICF, SIP, or Stick with Spray Foam?1/30/20093.6
Geothermal vs. Spray Foam9/27/20112.0
Need architect/designer1/30/20093.0
ICF vs. SIPs 5/12/20094.8
home designer vs. architect2/4/20093.3
Finding out Building Restrictions on land?2/6/20093.0
ICF Warning! ARXX/ECO-Block6/16/20103.1
Drywall Prices2/10/20093.7
Subs in Lewis County, WA2/19/2009
Cure Time for Lite-Deck/Insul-Deck?3/12/20093.7
O-B financing in GA8/27/20093.6
2x6 vs. 2x4 construction3/30/20094.0
Geothermal Heat Pumps4/1/20094.2
ICF Construction5/15/20094.0
Glue drywall on ICF and SIPs?9/8/20113.0
Internet house plans?!5/29/20092.0
Contractor breaks contract/subcontractor liens5/26/20094.3
Does Anybody Have Experience with Jamb-It-All?5/26/20093.5
Stuck in design process -- who to go to for help?6/11/20093.9
ICF Insurance Cheaper?6/10/20093.5
Choosing ICF3/21/2014
Ready to start!5/2/2016
Are you an ICF O-B?10/29/2013
Looking for Subs in Pensacola/Navarre7/24/2016
ICF vs. Block7/21/20093.2
Energy Audit7/16/20094.0
D/FW Geothermal Contractor?7/16/20094.0
Good Architect/Designer? DFW10/14/20094.0
ICF in Omaha8/4/20093.0
Owner-Builder Really Good Utility Bills9/9/20093.9
PEX Manifolds?11/14/20093.0
Blair or Louisville10/26/20093.3
ICF QUOTE11/12/20093.7
I think I can I think I can...8/23/20094.0
Advanced Framing?8/22/20094.3
Windows for new construction10/25/20165.0
Lumber Package Question6/12/20204.1
CMU drystack info10/15/20094.0
Spray-Foam Insulation3/18/20153.8
Looking for an Excavator in Colorado Springs Area4/20/20103.7
REMOTE Building Envelope System10/25/20094.8
Advice needed9/25/2009
Square Foot Cost vs. House Size11/3/20094.2
Anyone still alive in this forum? :)3/7/20103.5
Living (and Loving?) Concrete Floors3/15/20104.4
Need local ICF resource10/2/2009
DOW Styrofoam SIS10/20/20094.0
Fire sprinkler system in central Texas10/22/20093.0
Pouring ICFs with Geopolymer2/11/20203.3
Footer Questions10/30/20094.0
Sharing Info12/29/20094.1
Spray Foam in the ceiling3/20/20104.1
Cheap vs. Quality, sometimes cheap wins12/25/20094.5
ICF Helper, Orlando Area12/1/2009
Insurance Coverage Problems1/11/20104.3
ICF project12/19/20094.0
structural engineers2/20/20103.6
Looking for information. 4/9/20103.6
Building three homes in Weaverville3/8/20102.9
Another rebar question6/29/20104.3
Spray-foam attic ceiling actually reduce E-Bill?8/4/20143.9
Critique please! My wall and roof idea.5/31/20104.3
As-drawn vs. As-Built - Where is the line?3/27/2010
Synthetic Stucco4/27/2019
PERSIST vs. ZIPsystem7/12/20144.5
Framer or Builder - Contractor Question4/14/20104.2
Waterproofing basement4/15/20104.5
Framing schedule4/16/20104.7
Celbar Cellulose vs. Spray Foam3/26/20164.3
Under the Slab: What Kind of Insulation?11/10/2010
Step-by-step approach for footing & waterproofing1/30/2019
ICF wall question7/19/2010
What are you doing?9/13/2010
Anyone had experience with Superior Walls of E TN?9/10/2010
Tankless Hot-Water Heater Vibration11/7/2010
Changing Economic Times and Remodeling11/7/2010
Any active NJ O-Bs out there?8/8/2011
ICF houses in Austin, TX12/10/2010
How specific should the contract be4/22/2015
2x6 wall insulation6/8/20191.0
Planning for Platte City build3/24/2011
What is Green?3/5/2020
Owner-Builder in Dexter - Hello Out There?10/20/2018
Questions on Planning4/19/2016
Looking for Construction Loan11/20/2018
A little naive about building a house6/25/2018
Journal Entries
Design and construction method2/26/2006
Coyote Wash Residence3/8/2006
Partial Regional Success4/16/2006
Changing plans4/19/2006
Temp Electric Passed, Footers Passed4/28/2006
Footers Poured4/30/2006
Basement Walls, Day Two5/4/2006
Pour Day5/7/2006
Foundation Drains are Draining5/8/2006
Off and Running5/9/2006
Getting Started on the Circle-S5/15/2006
Don't Call for Backfill on a Friday5/15/2006
Looking for Gypcrete Sub in San Jose Area5/16/2006
Basement Backfill Fixed5/25/2006
Finally - An Appraisal!5/31/2006
ICF Floor Two, Day One6/12/2006
ICF Floor Two, Day Three6/16/2006
Second Floor ICF Pour6/19/2006
Who Likes Puzzles?6/21/2006
Slowly but surely6/26/2006
First Entry...6/20/2006
Basement Complete7/6/2006
Foundation Walls6/26/2006
Dig Day on the Circle-S... at last!!!7/8/2006
Movin' Right Along...7/12/2006
A Quiet Week...7/13/2006
Looking Like a House7/19/2006
SIPs are Vertical!7/21/2006
Starting the ICF Build7/22/2006
Basement Floor 7/25/2006
The walls start to go up!7/26/2006
Basement Walls Complete7/27/2006
Subfloor Assembly, continued.8/8/2006
Main floor ICF installation8/14/2006
V-Buck and ICF installation for Main Floor8/16/2006
Main floor ICF installation continued8/20/2006
ICF walls finished and Panel jacks installed8/23/2006
Main Floor ICF final pour8/25/2006
Platon waterproofing8/28/2006
Closer to securing a lot9/4/2006
Garage sub-walls9/25/2006
Garage walls-framing9/27/2006
Eager and Tired10/1/2006
Main floor walls poured8/3/2006
Second floor deck on9/30/2006
Roof, Electric and misc...10/26/2006
Winter 2012 Project 1.4 -- Window In, More Concrete Poured1/26/2013
Permits and plans11/8/2006
Where do I start!!!11/10/2006
Permits and training11/15/2006
Windows and Great Room Dormer11/10/2006
Roof, Stairs, Water Main, and Fireplaces11/23/2006
And so it begins... kinda.11/26/2006
ICF Day 112/5/2006
ICF walls are complete12/8/2006
ICF Pour Day Pictures12/9/2006
Fight over ICF walls12/16/2006
ICF Lessons Learned...12/21/2006
Property closing9/2/2007
Quotes and wires1/8/2007
Wetlands, then a crisis. The Man from Lake County - he say "NO"!!1/13/2007
Still Just Running1/25/2007
Permit Party!1/26/2007
Doldrums: Apologies for the Tome.2/11/2007
SIPs or ICFs - our first big decision2/12/2007
ICF newbie2/21/2007
First Post2/26/2007
Ready Set Go!!!!!!!!3/18/2007
Land... ugh3/19/2007
Footers Are In, Stemwall Is Next!3/23/2007
Still Planning3/26/2007
Progressing slowly4/14/2007
Back from the SEBC show7/15/2007
More bids, and permit time4/21/2007
We Have A Slab5/3/2007
We have rooms!5/1/2007
One down, one to go5/7/2007
Gathering Information: European Window Shutters12/10/2008
Drywall finished5/17/2007
Walls Started5/30/2007
Just getting Started 5-31-075/31/2007
Cement board before tile6/7/2007
Almost Ready To Fill6/11/2007
Finally some progress!6/12/2007
Ready To Pour Walls6/22/2007
Closed on Property6/25/2007
Walls Have Been Poured6/27/2007
Flooding and One Heavy Bathtub7/4/2007
Walls going up7/14/2007
Construction begins7/13/2007
The Window Well Conundrum6/1/2010
Getting ready to find quotes1/29/2007
Quotes are coming in.3/31/2007
Land Clearing Begins!7/27/2007
Garage frost walls, insulation, and radiant7/26/2007
First Flour Slab Pour9/16/2008
The Start of Things to Come8/3/2007
Beams and first floor8/5/2007
Plywood in8/7/2007
Slab in, second story going up8/15/2007
2nd floor pour done, backfill done8/19/2007
And so it begins...8/20/2007
Floor Plans and other stuff8/22/2007
Okay, what is up with the prices of ICF blocks?9/10/2007
Little things while waiting for concrete10/11/2007
Goldilocks and the Three Architects (cont'd)6/29/2009
How things change7/1/2009
Decision: Schedule Pressures and Planning Changes7/15/2009
Hope to Help Others10/25/2007
A Problem is Discovered, A Lesson is Learned3/7/2010
Taking the Plunge...11/28/2007
Relearning Techniques and Finding an Architect8/8/2012
Ready For Insulation12/6/2007
Got My Permit!12/17/2007
Demilac Spray Foam Insulation1/4/2008
Finally moving forward1/6/2008
First lift of the house walls9/27/2008
Hurry Up and Wait!2/26/2008
And So It Begins2/20/2008
Meeting with the Architects2/22/2008
The Architect's Bid2/26/2008
Meeting with the Architect2/29/2008
Rocky Start3/1/2008
Building Permit... for the Shop5/25/2010
Rough Estimates are IN!3/3/2008
First ICF Pour3/6/2008
Administrative process3/7/2008
Knock Me Over With a Feather...3/24/2008
ICF Home in Northern Michigan3/27/2008
Spring preparation trip5/14/2010
The Start3/30/2008
Recommended Contractors4/9/2008
Wellhouse Blueprints Are Complete!4/16/2008
Down To The Wire4/27/2008
It's Starting To Get Crazy5/2/2008
Energy Efficiency Studies5/5/2008
The Footings5/10/2008
Waterproofing and Backfilling Foundation Wall5/11/2008
Excavation and Well5/24/2008
Follow Up on Earlier Post5/26/2008
Design/ Materials Considerations6/4/2008
Foundation Wall & Waterproofing6/6/2008
Launch Week6/10/2008
Waterproofing & Laying Wire6/16/2008
Getting Ready to Start, Almost!6/17/2008
Meeting with the Architects #46/20/2008
The First Bids Go Out!6/9/2008
Backfilling and Prep Work6/23/2008
The lies!6/24/2008
Steve Gets a Homework Assignment6/26/2008
First ICF Bid Comes Back - Hmmmm6/30/2008
The Second ICF Bid Comes Back - More What We Were Looking For7/3/2008
Superior Walls or ICF?7/4/2008
Third ICF Bid and a Revision7/8/2008
Meeting with the Architects #57/19/2008
ICF Poured7/25/2008
You really have to look hard at prices...7/25/2008
July 28/087/27/2008
Final Plan Review, Round One7/28/2008
Controlling Energy Consumption in a Hot, Humid Environment8/1/2008
Modern Energy-Efficient & Value-Added Design Ideas8/1/2008
Dirt Work - cont.5/3/2008
Accepted Our First Bid!8/5/2008
ICF Update8/14/2008
Accepted Our Second Bid!8/21/2008
After the Dust Settles... and Before it Ever Became!8/26/2008
Planning to Control Labor Costs9/5/2008
Are Zero Energy Homes Possible? Practical? And Do They Provide Payback?9/6/2008
August 08,20089/16/2008
ICF house in San Diego - progress3/5/2009
ICF Supplier Selected!9/21/2008
ICF Construction Loan?9/25/2008
LiteDeck vs. InsulDeck10/10/2008
Moving On to Rough-Ins11/9/2008
Building Permit... Hooray!12/27/2008
More Wood in the Foundation6/9/2010
Steve Gets Another Homework Assignment11/20/2008
Meeting With the Architects #8 - Geothermal Loops and Radiant Heating12/29/2008
Colleen At the Buildblock Class!1/5/2009
ICF house in San Diego - just before pour1/12/2009
January 20081/18/2009
February 20081/29/2009
Side Story: Bobcats, Running Out of Gas, and Dropping a Pallet11/25/2009
Meeting With the Architects #11 - More Questions, More Answers2/17/2009
Georgia Builder2/26/2009
Buildblock At the Home & Garden Show2/28/2009
Summer 2012 Project 2.0 -- Scoping Out the New Shed5/4/2012
Meeting with the Architects #15 - Casual Dinner, Casual Talk4/10/2009
Fixing the Faucet (and Why it was Broken)3/13/2011
Lessons Learned5/16/2009
The beginning5/20/2009
Meeting with the Architects #16 - Getting Rid of the SIPs4/22/2009
Heating with a Candle (!)3/6/2011
Meeting with the Architects #17 - Of Roofs and Faux Trusses5/20/2009
Ventilation and Exhaust Work9/13/2010
Just Getting Started6/22/2009
Finishing the First Floor Stack, But Poor Blackie!11/30/2009
Good News, A Bonus Feature, Some Not So Good News, and a Burning Chair12/12/2009
Cleanup Day12/19/2009
Not. Happy.12/21/2009
First Load of LiteDeck Delivered!12/17/2009
Milestone: LiteDeck Install Begins!12/28/2009
First Week's Progress5/3/2010
Interlude: Collecting Recycles and Pondering Options1/23/2010
Woodpeckers in the Trusses!5/2/2010
Of Flat Roofs, Crickets, and Cables2/10/2010
A Good Day Shoveling Snow...2/12/2010
More Shoveling & Some Good Melting2/13/2010
Valentine's Day Setback2/14/2010
Milestone: Second Floor Poured!2/16/2010
The Roofing Work Begins2/17/2010
Second Week5/14/2010
Trusses and Roofing and Ponies, Oh My!3/6/2010
More Mud, But At Least the Drains are Working!3/16/2010
More Snow == Little Progress3/25/2010
Steve Stands in His Tower!3/28/2010
Of Ice Lakes and Icebergs and Construction Trash4/3/2010
Blackie Stands Down for Some TLC4/9/2010
Vista Ridge4/24/2010
Friday Trash Run4/23/2010
April 30, 20104/30/2010
Making Plans During the Downtime4/25/2010
Of Windows and R-Values and U-Factors4/25/2010
Recent Photos of Progress5/15/2010
Digging Trenches and Socking the Pipe5/8/2010
Looking like a house6/15/2010
SIP, ICF, Foam, Cellulose6/23/2010
Lower Level Walls Go In5/23/2010
Poured footings6/9/2010
The Window-Well Solution6/3/2010
Colleen Starts the Window Wells6/2/2010
Baby Squirrels!6/9/2010
Radiant Day Eleven: First-Floor Radiant Installation Complete!7/2/2010
Is blogging in reverse acceptable?9/16/2010
Milestone: First Floor Poured!7/21/2010
The Walls Go Up!8/3/2010
Of Scaffolding, Chicken Wire, and Deer8/10/2010
Progress to date9/13/2010
All The Other Stuff Too8/23/2010
Tower Windows! Plumbing Stuff! More ICF! A New Door! Bears!8/25/2010
The Radiant-Heat Manifold and a Decision8/27/2010
Radiant Heat, the Tower Gets Plumbed, and More Stucco Work8/31/2010
Another Round of Cleanup9/9/2010
The Stoning of Tanglewood9/16/2010
Installing the Ethernet and Coax9/17/2010
Concrete and Porches and Squirrels in the Trailer9/22/2010
ICF, Thermasteel, Metal or Agriboard11/1/2010
Insulation and Excavation10/3/2010
Metered, Ready Mix and Pumpers, Oh My!10/14/2010
Milestone: Final Bank Appraisal Good!12/7/2010
Cleaning and a Recycle Run12/14/2010
Birthday Insurance Inspection1/4/2011
Looking For Subs4/7/2011
The Last Styrofoam Recycling Trip3/19/2011
Tanglewood: What Went Right1/20/2011
Tanglewood: What Went Wrong1/20/2011
More Global Warming and Exchange Stuff1/31/2011
It Was Quiet--TOO Quiet...3/13/2011
Workin' on the Punch List - Busy Weekend3/13/2011
House Insulation is AMAZING3/17/2011
Moved In: Weekend #2 (Chandeliers, Ethernet, and Roofing Fun)6/24/2011
Summer 2012 Project 2.4.5 -- More Footer Work9/16/2012
Summer 2012 Project 2.8 -- First Stack Completed9/30/2012
Waiting for the engineer10/22/2012
Great meeting with the engineer today11/3/2012
Winter 2012 Project 1.1 -- Second Stack Completed!11/4/2012
Starting to Crank Some Numbers11/14/2012
Winter 2012 Project 1.2 -- Second Round of Verts Installed11/17/2012
Big TVs, Heavy Cabinets, and Concrete Walls4/7/2013
Quotes coming back and more docs?!8/9/2013
Winter 2012 Project 1.5 -- Getting Ready for the Final Pour5/28/2013
Summer 2013 Project 1.2 -- (Some) Trusses on the Shed!6/15/2013
Finally construction docs7/12/2013
Correcting the docs7/30/2013
Summer 2013 Project 1.15 -- Shed Drywall Begins!8/25/2013
Summer 2013 Project 1.18 -- Drywall Complete; Let the Mudding Begin!9/7/2013
The Great Colorado Flood -- Day Three (Tanglewood Reached!)9/17/2013
Off to the Races2/16/2016
Finally - Have a set of docs that I can trust.9/30/2013
Summer 2013 Project 1.24 -- Shed Ceiling, Insulation, and Drywall Work10/20/2013
Well I thought I could trust them!10/27/2013
ICF V stick build12/26/2013
Middle level electric coming along1/13/2017
Summer 2014 Project 1.1 -- An Update on the Shed7/11/2014
Summer 2014 Project 1.3 -- Felt Paper Done, Cleaning Up the Mess8/18/2014
Tanglewood Summer 2014 Project Evaluation -- Better Goals, Victim of Circumstances10/31/2014
Tanglewood 2015 Summer Plan Update 3.3 -- The Old Shed Teardown Continues10/5/2015
Problems Force a Quick Decision and a Change of Plans10/18/2015
Getting Things in Order2/23/2016
Neighbors Stopped By4/13/2016
Concrete and Windows4/15/2016
Slab Is Poured!6/21/2016
Wow! They Are Quick!6/22/2016
Framing the Third Level8/14/2016
The electric is massive!1/19/2017
Ahhhh, Getting out of the Weather12/7/2016
Sloggin' Through the Electric1/5/2017
Thinking ahead3/4/2017
Plumbing, quotes and insulation3/20/2017
And one last roll of wire3/31/2017
Paint for the stairwell4/19/2017
And finally stucco5/18/2017
The Great Garage Cleanout: Day Five4/6/2018
A Day for Miscellaneous Chores4/7/2018
The Door: Update5/12/2018
The Port Townsend Adventure7/7/2018
Fireplace almost done9/9/2018
Snowboards a danger?,11/16/2018
Bits and pieces12/8/2018
The window wall5/18/2019
Snow and the LiteDeck10/11/2019
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