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Adam in Dewey, AL0.002

I feel fortunate for the few important lessons I've learned from, and look forward to our next construction project going much more smoothly with greater confidence in handling the unexpected that will surely arise...
Michael in Port Neches, TC

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Aaron in Oakland, IA's Interview Answers

Previous Owner-Builder for Aaron in Oakland, IA at - Build Your Own Home

How much calendar time from when you first did some written planning to groundbreaking?
 Two and a half to three years

Future Owner-Builder for Aaron in Oakland, IA at - Build Your Own Home

If stick-built, will you use 2x4 or 2x6 framing?
Do you own a truck?
Do you plan to use any personal friends as subs?
How much construction industry experience will you have before you owner-build?
 > 10 years
How many bedrooms are you planning on?
Planned house style?
How much combined time will you spend planning?
 More than 900 hours
What will be the R-value of your walls?
What's the population of the community where you will build?
How many houses have you built, remodeled or added on to as an owner-builder?
What percentage of the time do you think O-B's get liened by subs or vendors?
What is the average monthly utility cost in your current home?
 $200 - $250
Will you build in town or in the country?
What is the average General Contractor estimate to build your plans?
 $200 - $225
Is your occupation "blue collar" or "white collar"?
 White collar
How many times are you planning to do this?
Will your project be a starter, step-up, custom, or dream home?
Do you have experience using spreadsheets for budgeting or scheduling?
 300 - 400 times
Will you get comparison bids from general contractors?
How many books about contracting or the trades will you read when you owner-build?
 More than eight books
How many air conditioning units will you include in your owner-built house?
 One compressor
How many bathrooms are you planning on?
What type of construction are you planning?
Will you take pictures of the job when you owner-built?
 Will use a digital camera regularly
How many children do you have?
Do you have a step-up strategy?
How many hours do you project spending as a couple, counting planning and construction?
 > 1,000 hrs.
How many tools do you own?
 More than $8,000
Will you incorporate active solar panels (PV) into your home?
Are you organized?
 Pretty organized
Who will take primary responsibility in your family for the work?
 Husband primary
Are you a good shopper?
 Okay shopper
What time of year will you start?
How many children will be living at home when you owner-build?
How many covered vehicle spaces will you provide in your owner-built house?
What will you choose for wall insulation?
 Fiberglass batts
How much do you plan to save altogether vs. appraised value?
 45% - 50%
How much personal use do you make of the Internet?
 10-15 hours
What is the average monthly maintenance cost of the house you'll be leaving?
 $100 - $200
Will you be working when you owner-build?
 Both working
How many finished levels in your future owner-built house?
How much calendar time will there be from when you first did some written planning to groundbreaking?
 Two and a half to three years
Do you know your credit score?
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