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I found Mark's book and immediately realized I was on to something. After reading this book (and some others) I concluded that this was where I needed to focus.
Mary Beth in Dublin, OH

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Budget Worksheet.xls

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You can customize the budget worksheet easily to your construction project.  Just alter categories and amounts according to your needs.


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Further Help Available From These Products:

The Owner-Builder Book in Electronic Form
Now you can download the entire Owner-Builder Book for viewing on computer. This electronic version is a fully searchable PDF. You can search on a concept, a word or a fragment of a word to find what you need in the book. You can also print pages or cut and paste charts, tables, lists, etc. into...

The Owner-Builder Book: How You Can Save More Than $100,000 In The Construction Of Your Custom Home - 4th Ed.
The brand-new Fourth Edition is here!!! The best available guide to saving money on a home construction project, The Owner-Builder Book shows you how to contract your new home, remodel, or addition at phenomenal savings. Contains a step-by-step description of the process, including how to find and h...

Be Your Own House Contractor: Save 25% without Lifting a Hammer
Carl Heldmann, a construction loan consultant in Grand Rapids, Michigan presents a "can-do" attitude in this book. Heldmann's background is that of contractor, but he presents the information in a non-technical, non-intimidating style. Strong on financing because he has a consulting business wit...

Build Your Dream Home for Less
It's refreshing to read a book on self-contracting written by a professional in the field of construction that reveals some trade secrets that help those who want to owner-build. Like most professionals he gives a detailed list of definitions, i.e. pine siding, cedar, hardboard, vinyl, T1-11 sid...

Everything You Need To Know About Building the Custom Home: How To Be Your Own General Contractor
A real estate attorney gives owner-builders advice and direction on what you need to know to build your own home. The book provides a legal point of view on financing, contracts, zoning laws, appraisals and liens. Folds encourages owner-builders to draw up their own contracts and with the inf...

Habitat for Humanity: How to Build a House
A beautiful, easy to read book that gives you all the basics of the construction process. Being Habitat people, they know how to build economically, they've done it a million times. Of course, they have a contractor bias but leave the option of being your own contractor open. Lots of practical a...

Houses are Designed by Geniuses & Built by Gorillas
We've always loved the "Gorilla Book". Bob is a peripatetic contractor, manager, and industry consultant whose hobby is writing books about war. He's done one called Natural Born Heroes, and one called Platoon Leaders. The man knows how to write and applies his genius skills to make this book en...

The Complete Guide to Contracting Your Home: A step-by-step Method for Managing Home Construction
Here's the fourth edition (January 11, 2010):This book lays out each step of a construction project and gives sample specifications for the category. It then gives inspection items for that category and a checklist for preparation prior to starting the category. Loaded with tips and ideas to make...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Building Your Own Home
Dan Ramsey is the distinguished past president of the National Association of Home and Workshop Writers which honored The Owner-Builder Book with a Silver Hammer Award. He is possibly the dean of the Home Improvement writers and has 90 books to his credit. This is a neat book with moneysaving ti...

Your New House: The alert consumer's guide to buying and building a quality home
Really a book about the industry, and the game of house construction. Innumerable savvy tips about money-saving opportunities and potential pitfalls. They warn that you should not build a house yourself, and are talking about do-it-yourselfing, not self-contracting. It?s not about owner-building, ve...

Ten Commandments of Owner-Builders DVDs: I. 1,000 Hours of Planning (3 DVDs)
The three-DVD set for the 1st Owner-Builder Commandment - "1,000 Hours of Planning" is now available. Each DVD is over an hour in length, and takes you through a successful owner-built project. These three discs highlight planning steps suggested by The Owner-Builder Book, with real world tips a...

The Owner-Builder Workshop on DVD (3 DVD Set)
The Workshop DVDs are here! Now in digital form with the convenience and usability of DVD you have the Workshop that has helped hundreds of Owner-Builders save millions of dollars. You will join a workshop class of 80 people including many veterans of the process, who make the discussion lively ...

The Owner-Builder Book Downloadable MP3's
The MP3 version of the book is finally here! About 8 hours of valuable listening. (1st edition of The O-B Book) Click here for a sample. We think you can learn a great deal more by listening than by just reading. Reading addresses the left side of the brain, and listening goes to the powerful rig...

The Owner-Builder Workshop Downloadable MP3s
The MP3 version of The Owner-Builder Workshop is finally here! About 5 hours of valuable listening. Click here for a sample. For several years, we did a Workshop with a live class once a year. These MP3s are of the last live workshop we presented, with a lively class of 83 owner-builders. W...

The Complete Set of Special Reports - Electronic Version
This is the downloadable PDF of The Complete Set of Special Reports. This is the brand-new fourth edition; extensively revised and expanded to 312 colorful pages of bright ideas for building and more than a thousand links to make it a completely interactive learning experience for you. You can cli...

The Complete Set of Special Reports - Print Version
The Complete Set of Special Reports was offered for $99.95 for six years before we began to chop the price. With increased publication volume, we then cut the price in half. Now, we've had an additional $20 savings in production costs, which we pass on to you. Best of all, this is the brand-new four...

Special Report 15: Staying on budget - Electronic Edition
[This is the Special Report 15 in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Our electronic products download immediately to your computer upon purchase.] A friend with a million dollar project came to us for a chat and we saved him $50,000 on wood windows alone. He seems determined to go over budget ...

Special Report 15: Staying on budget - Print Version
A friend with a million dollar project came to us for a chat and we saved him $50,000 on wood windows alone. He seems determined to go over budget by 50%. . . We know of another million dollar home that went to $1.8 million. Big or small, your house doesn't need to go over by even $1,000 if you...


Sherry Jo in Austin, TX said:

My husband and I are still in the process of looking for land.  However, we are trying to find out if building our own home is cheaper than a ready built home.  Our son and his wife built their 2,600 square foot  home on 5 acers of land at the approximate total cost $250,000 for both house and land in Buda, Texas.

 I feel that my husband and I can do it much more cheaper than what my son and his wife spent on their house.  I am creating a book on ideas and prices for things we will need to purchase for our new house and totaling up the estimate costs by looking at Lowe's and Home Depot prices on all nessesary items such as cabinets, bathroom items and much more.  I am looking for a software that will allow me to "design" my  own home floor plans.  I am having trouble finding out how to get the Special offers "FREE".  I am on a very very tight budget on spending money for books and plans.

Our present house is 30 years old and paid $57,000 for it in 1977 which is now valued between $169,000.00 - $198,000.00.  We are ready to move on to "retirement" life.  Hopefully, your books and information will help us decide if we really want to build our own new home.

Sherry Jo-- Austin, Texas

Jeff in Provo, UT said: Good luck!

Mark in Provo, UT said: Looks good now.

Patricia in Florissant, CO said:

I am using Punch Professional Home Design Platinum Suite.  Once you get some practice it will be easy & fun.  It is on sale at



Martin in Orem, UT said: We used Plan3D and were very satisfied once we started using a faster computer and practiced on it a bit. The pop-up tutorials are pretty necessary in the beginning to get the hang of it. Make sure you aren't trying it on an older, slower PC. We then were able to take the floor plans and elevations we made ourselves to a designer and engineer and should come away without paying more than $4500 for stamped plans.

Jim in Fonda, AL said: Nothing right now
Sarah in Leominster, MA said: We're looking forward to exploring this website and learning more about home building! We have land and a a floor plan that is nearing completion. We're looking to see how much we can do ourselves, and of course, how to stay on budget!
Tim in Pawleys Island, SC said: Nothing right now
Jim in Springfield, IL said:

trying to download

peggy in mccall, NY said:

Your book was good for me.

Thank you!

Need to plan plan plan


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