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I just found this site this evening and I am really excited about it!
Rebecca in New Port Richey, FL

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Subcontractor Agreement

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Thought these might be useful to some of you. I used them with my contractors and it has saved me. I hired a bad foundation guy who really messed up. If I hadn't had this contract in place, I'd be out $50K at a minimum (what it cost to fix his mistakes)! Some contractors will balk at being asked to sign... if that's the case, DON'T USE THEM. This is designed to PROTECT YOU. There are two contracts that are used together. The first is the "Contractor Agreement", which protects you against liabilities, taxes, unemployment, etc. The second is the "Work Authorization" and is geared more toward your property. Since I can't attach these as word documents, I'll copy & paste them... so I apologize in advance for any formatting issues that might arise.

Also note the Contractor Invoice area and Scope of Work within the Work Authorization. These will be tailored to your agreement with your contractor. I generally keep two versions - one for staged worked (shown below) and one for a lump-sum payment that is received only AFTER inspection is approved and work is completed.


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Tiffany in Conway, AR said: Update - As I mentioned previously, I had to sue my foundation guy.  Our original contract (the one I used herein) indicated that he had over 2 months to build me a basement.  I gave him TWO written extensions because I could not get him to work!  He kept coming up with excuse after excuse after excuse.  When I finally did get him to do some work, it was shoddy....REALLY shoddy!  After following my contract to the letter, I sent him a certified letter stating he was in breach of contract and was fired.  Several months later, the man put a lien on my home.  I have since taken him to court to have the FALSE lien removed and to be repaid for damages with fixing the faulty work.  My husband & I hired an attorney well versed in construction contracts.  He said that my contracts were BRILLIANT!  He said they were very very well written and, without them, I would likely not win my case against this slimebag.  So...for those of you who want real protection against unscrupulous subs, I would highly recommend using these contracts (The contract & work authorization in conjunction).  They have proven to be a lifesaver for me and my project!
Kerry in Acworth, GA said:

I would really like to get these documents to use. However, your documents came through as jibberish.  Could you please try loading them again?


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