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Has anyone used Ryan Homes Owner-Builder Program?

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Joe's Forum Posts: 11

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By Joe in Falling Waters, WV on 5/18/2004

My wife and I were planning to go forward with the Ryan program ( They provide panelized walls, floor decking, roofing trusses, roof sheathing, OSB for exterior walls, windows, doors, trim, and advice for what seems like a reasonable price. You buy the materials above from them and have complete control of everything else. Has anyone else done this program? Anyone looked into it and decided not to? The price for the above for a 3,600 sq ft five-bedroom house is about $80,000. They only operate this program in PA and surrounding states.



Scott's Forum Posts: 15

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By Scott in Pittsburgh, PA on 6/30/2004


I am currently working with the Ryan Homes Owner-Builder program. I am just in the planning phase, but a very good friend just completed his house through their program. Here is the text of one of my previous posts on this forum:

"Jobert, Joe, and John, I'm just starting with Ryan Homes, but a very good friend did the Owner-Builder program and completed his Westmoreland about 6 months ago. He absolutely loved the program and can't wait to help me with mine. He didn't have any major problems with the program and all of his subs except for one worked very well for him. I'm planning to build the Jefferson and have committed to the program. To get started, you need to pay a $2,000 down payment that is fully refundable. The $2.000 will then go towards your trim package. Ryan then provides a construction consultant who will help you decide on all of your options.

So far, I've asked for four changes to the plans, and they haven't had any problems (larger sitting area in bed room, basement under garage, larger front porch, and an extra set of basement stairs.) Ryan occasionally has open houses where you go and walk around a house that is under construction. They just had one last month, so I'm not sure when the next will be. Make sure you go to one of these because they will give you a coupon for a free kitchen upgrade worth about $3,000. You pay Ryan for two packages... the Rough Package and the Trim Package. Ryan does NOT require you to use their subs, but they do give you a book of recommended subs.

The thing I really like about Ryan is the fact that they have model homes of all of their models. There is a Jefferson less than five miles from where I currently live. It's great to be able to go and check it out. I'm not sure if this is common or not, but something pretty cool about NVR mortgage (the company that I think owns Ryan) is that they appraise the house based upon your plans and land rather than your building costs. Since you will save at least 20% through the Owner-Builder program, you won't need to pay PMI.

They are also very well integrated with Ryan and you don't have a lot of the hassle that you would if you go with a different mortgage company. They will pay Ryan directly for the Rough and Trim packages. You don't have to use NVR, but I am planning on using them. If the rate is too high, I will refinance with someone else after the building is complete. I hope this helps, I'm just starting this myself and don't plan to start building until the beginning of next year."


John's Forum Posts: 13
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By John in Valencia, PA on 6/30/2004


My wife and I have been considering it for a few years now and have finally bought the plans for the Victoria. We will be breaking ground in August and hope to be done in April.

Good luck!

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