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By Danta on 7/22/2010

We are trying to get started this fall. Sold our TX house to finance the new one, and hope to pay cash and stay debt free. Have the land, the well, the electric (pastures fenced, horses moved, barn started). Have settled on a simple Colonial-style home of around 2,500 sf. Best estimate for plans is $5K from an engineer who was only $2K two years ago and only draws up what you design, but includes foundation and septic. $7.5K from an experienced architect who is personable and whose name we got from asking at an 1850's house he had designed the addition for. I was expecting to pay more in the $2K to $3K range.

Would like to get dried in and a temporary CO by 1st of December or else we have to either lease a place or move in with my parents (we are a family of four). Would like to live in it while we finish it--doing much of the labor ourselves. Am considering all the alternatives, but find it hard to compare. Have talked with Connor homes and Northern Design, a helpful GC who gave me the lumberyard quote and expected hours and labor rates, and one or two custom modular companies--but one went out of business--the other is a Bill Lake Modular Homes dealer. It costs $200 to have the modular company draw plans and quote price, and they may not be able to do exactly what I have drawn; and there is not much savings in leaving things out to do ourselves. Northern Design I really like, but they cost $2.5K to do preliminary design and quote and if you don't go with them, you still don't have stamped or buildable plans.

Connor also costs $2.5K to do plans and quote, but you do have stamped plans you can stick-build from (theoretically, although they are drawn for panelization) even if you don't buy their package. They do great designs, but are sticklers for wood siding and real divided-lite windows with wood mullions. Been there, done that, don't like it. So I don't know which way to jump next. I'm stuck. Any advice out there?

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By Max on 12/18/2017

In our time, 2.5 thousand dollars for the design of a house project is not a good option. It is better to order design and modeling from freelancing, which will be a much better deal.

  I went a little different way and hired a general contractor in my area. There is no price on their website, so you will need to explain your project in the call mode. The website of General Contractor is - - they working in NYC district


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