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Pierson-Gibbs Homes

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By Matt in Hudsonville, MI on 11/10/2009

I was at a home show a few weeks ago in SE Michigan - Novi, MI. I came across a company that works exclusively with owner-builders. The company is Pierson-Gibbs Homes - Talking to them at the show, they will build the shell of the home for you and provide the materials at a discounted rate. Which will then allow you to finish the inside yourself or hire the contractors. They also had construction loan financing which I was surprised by... it had no closing costs, as well!! I was wondering if anyone has heard of this company or has used them? Your thoughts would be appreciated, because they caught my interest.


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By Jere in Ray Twp., MI on 1/10/2010


I owner-built my home about 7 years ago with Pierson-Gibbs Homes. Their building program was exactly what I was looking for, as it gave me the flexibility and control, and allowed me to do as much, or as little of the work myself as I wanted. They basically build the shell of the home, getting it weathertight. I could finish the inside myself or hire subcontractors of my choice, if I needed subcontractors they gave recommendations.

I was able to buy basically all of my building materials from them at wholesale pricing. They own their own lumberyard and building wholesale company, which allows them to buy direct at a huge cost savings, and they pass the savings on to the customer. Some items that would normally be upgrades going through other builders were standards in their program, or I paid the cost difference if the product was not standard. They also financed the entire project. The construction loan is handled in-house and there were no fees at all... no closing costs, no points, no draw fees, etc. When my home was complete, I refinanced with a mortgage company of my choice for my end mortgage.

When I originally built, I was planning on this being a step-up house, where I live in it for at least two years and then sell it. The profits, on which I wouldn't have to pay capital gains tax, would go into the next build. I was hoping to do this a couple times until the last house was basically free and clear. My wife and I love the location and the property, plus our neighbors are great, so it made it tough to want to move... and then the economy took a nosedive, along with house values, so we will be here for a while.



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