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Central Florida Pool Contractor, Stiffs Homeowners

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By P in North, FL on 8/14/2006

The company didn't pay the subs or suppliers or complete some of the work. Now some homeowners are facing liens and foreclosures. I have pasted the article below. I thought my fellow Floridians would be interested. I feel bad for these people.


Pool Company Under Fire Over Unfinished Work

POSTED: 5:44 pm EDT August 14, 2006
UPDATED: 5:56 pm EDT August 14, 2006
A Central Florida pool company is under fire after customers claim they have paid money but not received results, according to a Problem Solvers investigation.

The report featured Jennifer Aleman, who wanted to add a pool to her property.

Aleman and her husband signed a contract with Award Pools in April.
Problem Solver Steven Cooper said they have paid all but $600 of the $34,700 total price for the construction of the pool.

Aleman said no work has been done on the pool in weeks and there are other potential problems.

"She says some of Award Pools subcontractors who have already worked on the pool have not been paid," Cooper said.

"I just want my pool finished," Aleman said. "I have already coughed up $35,000 and I would have to cough up another $35,000 to pay subcontractors because Award Pools did not pay them."

Aleman's neighbor, Mohamed Sadar, said he had the same problem with Award Pools.

Sadar told Local 6 News that the paid $29,000 and has seen very little work on the pool.

"They just take the money and try to run," Sadar said. "They didn't pay nobody -- I have a lien against my house from the Gunite company."

"So many consumers, so many projects unfinished," Cooper said.

The report showed several people with complaints about Award Pools.

Several consumers went to the Award Pools company office and found it closed, the report said.

Cooper talked with company owner Tony Ramanauskas.

"First of all, I think we were selling the pools way too low," Ramanauskas said. "They were buying for a bargain. The whole pool business is about 50 percent off and basically all the bills caught up with us."

He also said he is owed about $200,000 from previous customers.

"I want to finish the pools I've got going but I need the money to finish the pools," Ramanauskas said.

"Some of these subs are going to move to foreclose on their homes and that just seems outrageous to some of them," Cooper said.

"I agree," Ramanauskas said. "What would you suggest I do?"

"I would suggest that somebody answer phone calls from consumers because they are getting angrier and angrier by the day," Cooper said.

"We intend to do that but first we have to figure out what we're going to tell them," Ramanauskas said.

Cooper said the Problem Solvers are looking at the history of the business and talking to state authorities about what they can do to help the consumers.

Award Pools said Local 6 News is free to examine its bookkeeping.

Watch next week for more on the investigation.


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