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I have just discovered this site and fell in love with it. We are excited about starting the building process and having this resource will be very helpful.
Cynthia in Ladson, SC

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Ubuildit Lake Norman, NC

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Dawn's Forum Posts: 1

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By Dawn in Charlotte, NC on 3/28/2007

I am interested in using the services of UBuildIt - Lake Norman, NC. Does anybody have any information on this particular franchise?

Kenny's Forum Posts: 13

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By Kenny in Harrisburg, NC on 4/5/2007

I do not have specific experience with them, but am O-B'ing my home nearby in the Concord/Harrisburg area of North Carolina beginning this summer.

Their fees were too high for me to consider with what they have to offer.  It may be lower than hiring a GC, but still a lot of work on your part. I have family and experience in construction, so it was not for me.  Depending on your experience level and time, it may be a good option. 

BTW: The most valuable thing I have done is get my plans through Nelson Design Group . They have a true-cost estimate of the material and labor costs in your area. They can give you a darned accurate number for constructing to "builder grade", so you have something to compare it with. 

Even with my experience and expectations, there were lots of things I needed to budget for that were on their list and I had not thought of. Without the list I would have been with the majority of owner builders that go 10-20% over budget.  If you do not have a plan picked out, I would highly suggest it.  Even using a builder, if he sees and knows you know the exact cost to build, you may be able to get a better price??

If I can help let me know. I have been planning for a while, and hope to break ground late summer.


Thomas's Forum Posts: 9
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By Thomas in Mooresville, NC on 6/1/2007

Dawn - Ken is right.  They are too high to use and some of their subs are more expensive than those you will find yourself.  I am building here in Mooresville, and have gotten some great deals thus far.  Luckily, I have a buddy who is only charging me a 1% fee of my total build for his lic.  But, you can do it yourself for free.  Why give the UBuildIt Co. 8-10% if you can pocket the money and upgrade and save?

Patrick's Forum Posts: 14
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By Patrick in Naperville, IL on 6/12/2007


I know its been a few months since your original positing, but I have met with Ubuildit in the Chicago area and have been very impressed.

Yes, there is a fee, but it is negotiable.  I have not signed up yet, am talking with other options I have, but overall, am leaning towards using Ubuildit.  I have already negotiated their fee down 15%.

I think Ubuildit gets a bad name at times for two main reasons:

1 - If you have a lot of expeirence in construction and you have a lot of time, yes it is a waste of money.

2 - If you have obsolutely no experience or knowledge in any facet of construction and have not time, as your work 80hrs at a desk job per week, then you should absolutely not do Ubuildit, as they wont provide enough help.

I fit somewhere in the middle.  I have knowledge and some time, but I know I need a helping hand, and most certainly need a hand at the early stages of building.  I know going out on my own 100% has the chance to be disatarous.  And I know going 100% with a GC or Builder is a waste of my money, as I dont need that much help.

Being in the Chicago burbs, most GC's and builders will take minimum of $60k on the type of house I am looing to build.  My guess is it would be a lot more given I would not be paying subs directly, so they would mark those up.

With Ubuildit, I am looking at $19k - sure, its a decent sized chunk, but I guarantee it will save me at least $10k in mistakes based on all the things that I would simply overlook or not know- so a figure the $9k is a worthwhile fee to have someone in my back pocket.

I have also had success tyring to get local builders to do a flat fee set up, where they bid out the subs they normally use but I pay them directly and have the ability to bring in my own.  However, most still wanted at least 10% - which is likely $30k.

And concerning Ubuildit, it appears to be very franchise dependent - as in servie varies by office.  Here, the local guy is a former GC with 20 yrs experience...very knowledgeable.

Certainly, if I go Ubuildit, i will start a journal...


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