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Stacie's Forum Posts: 3

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By Stacie in Tremonton, UT on 1/26/2005

I am from Tremonton, Utah and am in the planning phase of building my home.  We do not plan on building for about three years.  I am interested in log homes, but these kits are expensive.  I have also looked into wholesale log distributors who will look at any plans and give me an estimate of how much we will need.  I am really now just starting to look at everything, and I just ordered my first The Owner-Builder Book. I will be doing a lot more research as I go on, but I wanted to know if anyone knew anything about these log home kits.  Also I saw that there were some other members from Tremonton and the northern Utah area, and I was wondering if I could pick your brains and maybe learn from your experiences.  If you know of any contractors or building suppliers to stay away from, or if there are any hints you can give it would be greatly appreciated.



William's Forum Posts: 1

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By William in Cedar Hills, UT on 1/15/2007


Take a look at

I just finished one of their cabins, custom-modified for my needs and was very impressed with them. It is between Wanship and Park City. I did essentially all the work myself, except for excavation, concrete and roofing materials (too chicken for a 12-12 pitch roof).

We broke ground August 5th, Logs delivered August 18th, final inspection/occupancy permit a week after Thanksgiving. Their customer service was GREAT, even though they were back in Pennsylvania!


Michele's Forum Posts: 22

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By Michele in Stafford, VA on 1/18/2007

Hi Stacie,

I am currently owner-building/owner-contracting a log home.  I am owner-contracting the big stuff such as foundation, log package dry-in.  I am doing the interior finish work myself.

The poured foundation crawl-space is in (no basement, high water table, near river) and the crew I hired to erect the log package (including a heavy timber roof system) just finished the sub-floors today.  They had to install 20 steel piers, and do all the floor joists and sub-flooring for a 100ft x 50ft foundation holding up a 5,000 sqft log home.  They did it in 6 days, in the cold.  They really are good.  They are going to start laying the first course of logs tomorrow, YAY!  I am looking forward to that, it will be a milestone as I have spent a year getting to this point, and it’s a good feeling to see some fruit!

Log home kits can be expensive.  And I am here to tell you that building a log home is more expensive than conventional framing.  If you’re trying to go the low-cost route, this may not be for you.  There is a lot more wood in a log home than conventional framing, which adds cost, and labor to erect the home takes much longer, so costs go up there.  Everything else falls into the same cost categories as conventional homes and depends on your taste and lifestyle, you can go high-end on interior appointments and amenities, or budget wisely.

I bought a kit from Southland Log Homes out of South Carolina.  Their kit was the most inclusive kit that I could find based on my research.  Pretty much everything I needed to get the shell under roof, including windows, outside doors and interior wall framing.  Did I get the best deal?  Who knows?  There are so many log home companies out there; it will make your head spin.  You can just buy the logs and then try to hunt down and get all the other stuff yourself, or you can buy a complete kit, and at least not worry about it.  It’s a personal choice, there are always trade-offs.  Remember though that already as an owner-builder you are saving a lot, so the added cost of a log home still leaves you with equity (most likely, depending on your area)   In my case, I found budgeting my construction much easier when I got the complete kit.  I just have to worry about nails, and interior finishing.  I made a trade-off to save my sanity and precious little time going to the lumber companies myself and getting all the individual parts of the house, and instead going with a kit.  For me there were so many other things that I felt I could really focus my time on.  Plus I don't think I spent that much more.  I did some comparisons and when and figured I might have spent 4K more by not piece mealing everything. 

So far everything has gone fairly well with the log package.  They worked with me to do a custom package, delivered on time, everything seems to have been delivered from what I can tell, but what do I know!  I never did this before and I have large stacks of material all around my property.  At this time I can only go by the list of materials.  The log home company says this is what it will take and that’s what they delivered.  I'll know further into the project if it all will suffice.  It’s pretty scary at my property right now.  I stand in amazement and wonder if I am nuts.  It’s hard to imagine with all the mud and the bundles of materials and the large holes and the whole mess that this will turn into something good.  It’s cold and wet out, and I am tired.

My experience as an owner builder so far is this:  I was so excited and enthusiastic and imagined how exhilarating it would be at every major milestone.  Well, I had most of my difficulty so far just dealing with county governments and obtaining permits.  The construction loan process also started to wear on me, but all that finally came in.  I thought when they tore down my old house I would be jumping for joy as it would signal the start of my dream home, but I stood there in shock instead as the reality hit that this was it, I was at the point of no return.  I had to have a stiff drink that night just to calm down.  When they dug the hole for my foundation, I had the deer-in-the-headlights look once again as I could not imagine where all the mud was going to go?  (I am living on my property in a camper during this).  It seems to keep floating to the doorstep of my camper, not good!  The day the logs got delivered was interesting also; there was so much mud on my property from the prior rains that the forklift could not unload, not a good situation.  I had to make a quick decision to stack them on a lot across the street whose owner I didn't know and had no way of getting in touch with.  I imagined a crazed owner threatening me and torching my materials.  I finally hunted down her number and eased the info to her begging and pleading for forgiveness and offering my first born if she did not kill me.  I negotiated a deal to make sure I restored her lot to better than before status when I was done.  So that’s how it has gone so far.  My emotions are not as I imagined they would be.  Heck, I can't even cry to relieve the stress; I am just too stunned right now to feel anything.  I'm asking myself a lot of questions...

Sorry about the stream-of-consciousness writing...

Why the extra expense of a log home?  Only those people who have ever spent any time in one and fallen in love with it can explain it.  For me to have the opportunity to build what I want and where I want, I could not imagine anything else.

I hope you get what you want and build your dream!  Good Luck!   



Stan's Forum Posts: 3
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By Stan in Tehachapi, CA on 5/15/2008


I just found this thread and am very curious how your log home has turned out. Please share more info if you can or point me to your website/journal.

I am just starting out building my own log home from my own designs. I have been blogging a bit about it here. I agree with you about the charm and warmth of the log home. I orginally wanted to do a dome style home, but my new neighbor, who has one, talked me out of it. Logs were the next choice. Much, much better than the stucco clones that I see being built all over the place.

Your stream of consciousness style I find riveting, it is definitely piqued my curiousity.



2008 Merit Award Winner

Pat's Forum Posts: 212
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By Pat in Arnold, CA on 5/17/2008

Hi Stan,

Read your blog and decided to answer you here.  We were going with a timber frame or log home at one time.  In our research we found the Mercedes Benz of the log homes to be   Expensive but outstanding quality.   They do custom designs that customers bring to them or stock designs that go up in the multi-million dollar arena.  Our favorite log home was this one they call Caribou.

We eventually dropped the log home/timber frame idea and went with a custom post and beam design from  out of Canada.  They (like PrecisionCraft) will deliver the entire package to the job site and you hire the labor to put it all together.  Good luck and check out our blog ViceroyHomeCalifornia.  We are high up in the sierras above Yosemite.

BTW.. we are in the biz too and still working hard in Los Angeles while we  try to O-B build the home up in the Sierras.



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