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Hooking up utilities

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Anthony's Forum Posts: 3

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By Anthony in Phoenix, AZ on 1/30/2007

Hi Chad!!

You were so helpful on my last question - was hoping that I may strike gold twice :)

Two questions: I am getting conflicting info in regards to who is responsible for hooking up the electricity and water at the work site (underground facilities) - have any thoughts on this one - different bids come in saying the different things???

Second - anyone have strong recommendations for retaining wall subs -




Chad's Forum Posts: 11
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By Chad in Mesa, AZ on 3/1/2007

I can tell you what I've encountered so far. We paid for our water meter when I got my permit (city of Mesa). My lot already had the "box" on it, so within a couple days they just had to install the meter to the pipe that was already there. 

Once the meter and valve were installed by the city we had no trouble just digging under to box and tapping into the pipe and setting up a temporary water spout. I suppose I could have had my plumber do it, but I had someone helping me who is good at plumbing and it was pretty easy to do. So to answer your question, the city is responsible for installing a water meter, but you are basically responsible for tapping into the water line and installing your temporary water - or eventually the plumber will plumb from the meter to the house and do your hook-ups there.

As for electricity, I don't think I can answer that question yet.  You can set up temporary service early in the process, but I've never done that. My plan is to have my panel installed as soon as my exterior walls are up, and then trench to the electric service, get those inspections and get power to the panel. The electrician takes care of all that. Good luck!


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By Justin in Chandler, AZ on 3/1/2007


For power you want to contact your power company. For my lot SRP is the power company and they instructed me to contact their commercial services division once I was ready for temporary construction power.

Retaining wall subs: any masonry company should be able to build your retaining walls. We have used Barry from Copper Mountain Masonry for a few of our commercial jobs and I know they do residential walls as well as basement and block homes. Look him up, he's in Scottsdale or I can give you his number.


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