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By Ross in Hillsboro, OR on 3/10/2009

We own two properties. The house that we live in, and the house we are remodeling. (Tear-down). At this point, the economy has slowed down our project as we don't know if we want to sell our existing home right now, to kick off the construction of the new house. We are wondering how long we could leave the house in the dry-in phase. Sheathed framing with roofing completed (no siding or windows for a period). If we could plywood up the windows we could start construction without dealing with construction funding, and could sell our existing house whenever.

Our alternative is to be conservative and wait, but I fear inflation will make materials costs go up by sometime next year or even late this year. If I start now, I could purchase materials and lock in savings. This would mean leaving the house in a "dry-in state" possibly with plywood instead of windows for a few months longer than we would like. We live in Oregon, so I'm wondering how much trouble I'm asking for here. We would likely have to fast-track purchase of windows and siding by the end of the year as I wouldn't want the exterior to weather more than part of a winter. Any thoughts on dry-in? I think I know the answer... wait and arrange financing, but I have to look at all the angles. --R

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By Lori in Reno, NV on 3/17/2009

Hello Ross,

First, with the unpredictable weather in Oregon I would not wait long to install the windows. The length that you could leave unsided/unwindowed is basically up to the weather. If the weather is really rainy/snowy then it would  be harder on the exposed wood. When we sheathed our house, we didn't cut the holes for the windows until we were ready to install them (which was several months). That helped keep the elements out.

Fast tracking the purchases of the siding and window is needed to be done because? I guess I am missing the point behind this statement. Lowes and Home Depot both carry windows and siding in stock.

I can tell you that my husband and I both regret not selling the house we were living in and camping out at our property while we built the new house. We could have saved ourselves a lot of money if we had.




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