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Abusive Contractor

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Ric's Forum Posts: 65
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By Ric in North Bend, WA on 9/2/2009

Hi all,

I just received a phone call from a sub that I had decided not to use (actually, he left a message on my home office phone, as I'm at a client site today).

In that message he was nothing short of insulting, even impinging my "honor," stating that he was just as glad not to work with someone of such low honor.

The situation that started it was:

A builder friend of mine recommended a flooring guy. I interviewed him, and he seemed very knowledgeable, and his rates were fair. So, I was strongly considering him.  He was not able to do the job for medical reasons, but he had a buddy that he frequently exchanged work with that he could send out (which is the contractor I decided not to use). When he came out he wanted to do a lot of talking about just about everything, EXCEPT what I was trying to ask questions about. And when it came time to test the moisture in the floors, he couldn't seem to get the settings in his meter right, and was unfamiliar with the subflooring type, etc. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. I didn't call him back.

Somehow he decided that he by default had the job, because he had been on the site. Then when he found out that I had hired someone else, he decided to call and get verbally abusive, saying that I obviously had no honor because I didn't call him (yeah, maybe I should have called and told him I'd decided on someone else, but usually no call = no.

He even went so far as to try to make me feel obligated to him because he suggested a couple of things. His whole demeanor was "How dare you hire someone else, and not call me first!" He was totally belittling.

So anyway, I'm just as glad it was a message and I didn't talk to him. I'm debating now on calling him with a rebuttal, but it would probably be a waste of air time on the cell phone.

Some contractors think they're the only one in the world. I think he just confirmed my opinion of him.  He reassured me that not hiring him was the right choice to begin with.



2008, 2009 Merit Award Winner

Grant's Forum Posts: 363
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By Grant in Blacksburg, VA on 9/4/2009

You're certainly lucky not to be dealing with this guy. What a nightmare.  I think if I were you, I'd share the voice mail with the man that recommended him...  No one should want to be associated with such unprofessional behavior.

Rachal's Forum Posts: 79
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By Rachal in Janesville, CA on 9/5/2009

Is this the O-B's version of a stalker?


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