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On the advice of a friend whose husband is a contractor, I began to look into owner-building. I found this website and downloaded the book yesterday. I'm halfway through it and this whole thing is enthralling... but I've figured out that I need to slow down and do this right.
Jeff in Dickson, TN

Try one of our new Construction Bargain Strategies for free. Coupon code: CBS. One strategy could save you $1,000 or $10,000 or maybe $50,000 when you build or remodel.


"If people follow the steps in this book they should get their loan. If general contractors were this diligent, there would be more successful builders out there." Eddie M. Sternberg, Construction Lender

"This book is written by a person with proven experience as an owner-builder. It is straightforward, and shows you step by step how to proceed with financing to the very end. Owner-building is not for the faint of heart." Joe Stark, Independent Building Inspector

"A very enlightening book that clearly details the realities of owner-building, both the challenges and the rewards." Jim Stark, Owner Builder

"As a designer for dozens of owner-builders, this is a reference book that you must have if you want to get your house built right. This book is a must have for anyone considering building their own home." Dale Booth, House Designer

"When people hire me, I am usually more of a guidance counselor than a designer. This book shows you how to save time and money with your architect." Douglas E. Long, A.I.A., Architect

"People will get better prices from subs if they read this book." Ken Lusk, Framing Contractor

"The Owner-Builder Book places the right emphasis on planning. The mainstream of construction literature ignores this most important topic." Steve and Frances Orton, Owner-Builders

"This book will open your eyes to what goes on in the building trades so you won't be taken advantage of." Walter Jex, Designer

"This book will help a lot of people." Barbara Stuart and Keith Harrison, Owner-Builders

"You are generous to share this material so freely in your book and seminar. Book shows a complex understanding and a liberal sharing of technical and contractual information that will be a great help to keep people out of trouble." Austin Johnson, Attorney

"No one who is considering buying a home in the next three years can afford not to read the Smiths' book. With this book you will gain the confidence to know that you can do the project, on time, under budget, and have the home of your dreams. What you'll save yourself in aggravation alone is worth many times the cost of the book." D. Bruce Brown, Owner Builder

"Every general contractor should read this book." Matthew Rittmanic, General Contractor

"Don't start anything without reading this book." Dave Cabanilla, Owner-Builder, Developer

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