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Posted to Where-to-start by James in Lemoore, CA on 5/16/2009

Well... the plans are being finished. It has a 9/12 pitch, three dormers the same size out front, and one centered in the back for walking space for the stairs. It has a wraparound porch, and I mean around the WHOLE house. The trusses are being made for a tile roof, but we are using metal, so we have the load rating for the solar panels. It has a real fireplace. It will be encased in river rock. I am going to use a perimeter foundation. I am doing the work, so cost is the same. I will be using ICF foam block forms. That way I am not losing the cost of wood forms that need to be torn off, plus gain the insulation too. The foundation will go 6 inches above grade, but I can only go 30" below grade without incurring an engineering cost. The bottom sq. ft. is 1,120. The upstairs is 581 sq. ft. Since the trailer we took off was 1,296 sq. ft., we are below the 499 sq. ft. mark. NO EXTRA MONEY!!!! YEAAA!!! Total will be 1,701 sq. ft.

The whole upstairs is the master area. The stairs go up straight from the front door in the middle of the house. The kick-out in the roof gives us a "hallway" the right and left. A door at the top of the stairs will give some isolation. To the left as you walk up the stairs is the bedroom area. To the right are the walk-in closets, walk-in shower, toilet (with its own door), and vanity. Downstairs is the kitchen, and living area all open to each other. They are to the left side of the house. There are two bedrooms and a full bath on the right side of the house. At the back of the house, at the rear of the kitchen, is a half bath. All windows, French doors, and front door are centered, so as to not be blocked by any of the posts from the wraparound porch. Paying a good draftsman is WELL worth the money!

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Posted to Where-to-start by James in Lemoore, CA on 11/2/2008

Well... those plans were not free, but the guy who drew them is bringing them up to date for $.65/sq. ft. SWEET! $1,750 for legal-and-DONE house plans in California! Who would have thunk it!? The house has 2x6 walls even. Thank you, God!


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Posted to Where-to-start by James in Lemoore, CA on 10/26/2008

In my travels, a set of plans has come available to me. The owners of said plans built O-B five years ago. They live two miles from me in the same county. It is also the same style that we were looking for. They are also willing to give/sign off on them for us. BONUS! Very nice. I will keep you all posted. It is also a 2x6 exterior-walled house. They added another ridged-foam board on top of that, then used vinyl siding.


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Posted to Where-to-start by James in Lemoore, CA on 10/24/2008

I clicked on the "green" deal on and the guy called me to talk. I didn't realize that they are BUILDERS! He is a very nice guy, but $130,000-$150,000 for a garage apartment?!!! I received quotes for $120,000 for a HOUSE! I think the industry is in denial. I did receive good information though. I did not realize that California has put a stop to SIP paneling. Wants to see about earthquake sustainability if I remember correctly. SO, it is 2x6 exterior walls! At least I learned a little. He when back to check the figures they plugged in. I sure hope so. Does anyone ever feel that it is you against the world?!


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Posted to Where-to-start by James in Lemoore, CA on 10/20/2008

To tell you the truth, I make fun of eco-freaks. I DO believe in doing the best you can with the least amount of impact. I just believe a microscopic freshwater shrimp should dictate the lives and economy of a state. That said, I am secretly watching the Green Channel to get ideas. I love what they are doing, I am just not into cumbaya singing, no-shoes wearing, drinking wheat grass tea (yuck, by the way) scene. It has affected me though, as here I am. I am now looking into what "green" needs before what I "WANT". So I am a LITTLE concerned.

I am currently asking and searching if there is a "need" for a basement vs. a slab in California in the Central Valley where temps get HOT in the summer. I'll give in a little. But here starts my trepidation. "Give an inch, take a foot" has reared its ugly head many-o-time in my life that I have personally witnessed. So keep an eye on me. If I start going too far green, pull me back. (disclaimer: I wear Berks all the time, so that is normal.) If you don't know what berks are, I love ya, and you are the ones responsible for bringing me back if I am headed over the green cliff!


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Posted to Where-to-start by James in Lemoore, CA on 10/20/2008

The process is maddening! EVERYONE knows a guy, who knew a girl, who's brother built his house and it "WAS AWESOME DUDE!!!" Sick of hearing THAT one, personally. When needed though, to pick his "oh, so Einstein-like" brain, this poor man's engineering Robin of the Hood is nowhere to be found. So here I linger, in web purgatory, wondering if it is worth the time and effort. Well, I know it is. Just a little self-pity talk. It is just maddening that there is not a "here's your sign" sign saying "save money here, and lose money there." Being in Crazifornia in a budget-woe time is scary too. I don't think anyone wants to make a mistake. I have had the privilege to have been taught to be a jack-of-all-trades, so the task of building is not scary, nor daunting. I just couldn't take a hit of "I'm sorry, but they really should have told you that when you picked up the packet at the county office. It is not our responsibility to check for you" speech. Oh well. I'll vent more later.


Our lovely interim home. The 10x12 is a temporary shed for laundry, fridge and freezer.

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