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I love your site so much!!! Thank you! I love to see more and more people join! I tell everyone about this site when they ask me how "I" "know" so much about construction - I really don't, but I remember what I have picked up from the forums, and it has made me feel more confident and seem like I know what I am doing. I save so much $$$$ with this knowledge. I am now on my second owner-builder project. Muchas gracias. We should try this in the Latin Market!!! I'll translate! Have an amazing day! You have created something awesome!!
Claudia Chavira

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Posted to Sowle-Family-House by Brian in South Burlington, VT on 4/29/2008

Well, we are almost ready to move in. This week we will be cleaning all the floors (lots of drywall dust) and starting to paint the walls. I hand-made each one of the headpieces for every doorway and closet in the entire house. Man, did it take longer than I thought! But everyone who has seen the interior trim has said it looks beautiful.


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Posted to Sowle-Family-House by Brian in South Burlington, VT on 11/6/2007 1:56:42 PM

Well, we finally got the house completely dried in.   Sheetrock has been completed on the 2nd floor.

Boiler is going in tonight.   We have slowed down the building process because we haven't sold our current house yet.  Has anyone else run into this?  The Vermont market isn't as bad as the rest of the country.

Below is the latest pictures.



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Posted to Sowle-Family-House by Brian in South Burlington, VT on 9/2/2007 8:28:36 PM

Well, we finally got dried in last week.  The garage door company had some problems with sizing but everything came out all right.

Started running all the PEX tubing in the 1st and 2nd floor today.  Man, it's a tough job by yourself.  Next time I will hire a helper.

Electrical and DWV have been completed in the house.  In a couple of weeks the drywallers get here.

At  the half way point, we were in the $64 a square foot range but I hired out the siding/trim and that took our costs up to around $68 per foot.  Still not bad for the New England area.





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Posted to Sowle-Family-House by Brian in South Burlington, VT on 7/11/2007

Hey Everybody:

Well, progress on the new house has been continuing at a frenzied pace.  We broke ground on May 29th and within a little over a month we have a 3 car datached garage and the first floor of the house done.  I'm really surprised at how smooth everything has gone.  Here's a little tip for you new owner-builders!  Plan Plan and then spend another 200 hours planning some more.  It pays off in the end. 

At this pace we should be done in around 4-5 months.  And under budget!  It's coming in so far at $64 per foot.  The appraised value will be in the $150-160 per foot range.  Two more houses like this and no more mortgage!  YEHA!



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Posted to Sowle-Family-House by Brian in South Burlington, VT on 5/28/2007

Hi Everybody:

Well, here are pictures of the land we just purchased in Vermont.  It's 10 acres of beautiful country.  Over the next 5 months we will be putting up a 3100 sq. ft. center hall colonial house and 5 car garage.  We should be breaking ground on Wednesday, May 30th. 



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