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I'm having fun building so far!!! Thanks for having the website and the book. You got me started.
AG in Colorado Springs

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Posted to OwensNewHome by Justin in Chandler, AZ on 6/6/2007

My banker called today and somehow my credit scores jumped into the 770s and we are pre-approved!

The planning continues. We are seriously considering building a garage with an apartment over it so we can get on site and then build the house. I spoke with the city and they are okay with that, but will file a deed restriction when we pull permits that will restrict us from renting the apartment. We are okay with that because it is already against zoning. We'll likely use it for office space and eventually for the parents/in-laws.

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Posted to OwensNewHome by Justin in Chandler, AZ on 10/27/2006

If you have a minute, please review our floorplan and tell us what you like and what you don't like. We would like all the feedback we can get.

I think we are getting near our 200-hour mark just with the floorplan!

Thanks in advance!


8-10-08 These are our original idea plans. The house we are building is quite different. The website still has a problem loading PDFs but I have a post about where our plans are located online.

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Posted to OwensNewHome by Justin in Chandler, AZ on 8/6/2006

We found a great lot in Chandler, Arizona in March of 2006, but it was too big and too expensive. We purchased the lot on May 1, 2006 and everything in the transaction went smoothly. The sellers were great and most helpful.

After marketing half of our lot for months and not finding a good buyer, we decided to keep the whole 2.5 acres and board horses; as many of the facilities for boarding were on the property when we purchased the lot. At the time we decided to keep the whole property, I had just submitted the plans to the city for the lot to be split into two, 1.25 acre lots. We figured to let it go through so we could sell someday if we needed to. That very next week a potential buyer called and wanted 1.5 acres. At first, I wasn't too excited to have the lot resurveyed and have the engineers change the plans just to go through all the city hoops again. He called back a few times and after walking the property with him and his wife, she was sold. So we opened escrow and I ordered the plans to be redrawn. This week we recorded the plans that split our lot into one 1-acre lot and one 1.5-acre lot.

We were a little disappointed that we wouldn't have as much land, but an acre was all we ever wanted from the beginning. Plus, with the additional money the buyer was paying for the extra land we could build a bigger house. We should close on the sale of the 1.5 acres at the end of August. That will significantly reduce our monthly interest payments on the land, which will help out a lot.

We still have our home in Maricopa, AZ and land in Show Low, AZ that we need to sell before all is said and done, but we are on our way. BTW, the land in Show Low has nice tall pine trees and would be great for a cabin, we have four parcels in two 1-acre lots and one 2-acre lot if anyone is interested in an owner-builder project in the cool White Mountains.

I am including some pictures of the lot.

We purchased a book of stock floor plans, found one that we like and have been using Punch Platinum software to make changes and add what we would like. Once we sell a lot or two in Show Low, we'll take our plans to an architect to draw up and submit to the city.


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