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Posted to Howard-Georgia-Retirement-Home by Bettie in Harlem, GA on 11/9/2008 1:24:31 AM

Framing finally began late September. All of the window and doors except for the front door and garage door are installed.  The plumber has completed the rough-in as well as set the tub and showers.  I went with the fiberglass shower stall inserts in all of the baths except the master.  The electrician and roofer are expected the week of 11/10.

The sub who is installing the roof shingles will also install my HardiPlank siding, soffits, gutters, and screen the back porch.  I am hoping to have the front door and garage door installed by month end.  New pictures to enjoy.


We're waiting to install front door until porch and siding has been completed.
It took about 2.5 weeks to get from ground to this point.

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Posted to Howard-Georgia-Retirement-Home by Bettie in Harlem, GA on 8/14/2008 8:28:51 PM

Pictures of footers being dug and poured.  We are now waiting for the sub to block the crawl space.


This is what it looked like when the footers were dug.
Footers being poured.
View of wildlife on pond.

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Posted to Howard-Georgia-Retirement-Home by Bettie in Harlem, GA on 8/11/2008 6:32:52 PM

Finally, I feel that something is happening.  My project is beginning to pick up steam.  It has been a long journey getting to this point.  Today, the footer sub showed up and started digging the footers. Tomorrow 8/12, he will pour the concrete. The port-a-toilet arrived today as well.  I have also ordered the temporary power from the electric company so that the framers will have power when they arrive.  I know this is probably mundane information for most of you, but I am including it for readers that are still in the "deciding" phase. 

The next sub for us will be the block guy, who will block up the crawl space.  We will attempt to do the waterproofing and laying of the French drain pipe.  I will follow with pictures as soon as the blocks start going up.

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Posted to Howard-Georgia-Retirement-Home by Bettie in Harlem, GA on 7/27/2008

As promised, pictures of the cleared land. I am located in FL and building in GA. I spent this past week in Georgia getting things in place. The most frustrating part has been the waiting. I had my plans approved by Columbia County and obtained my permit from the City of Harlem. When I took my plans to the local lumber company for my takeoff and pricing, they all suggested that I use a new flooring system that used less I-joists. Well, since all three suggested the same thing, I decided to go with the new system. The lumber company drew up the plan. I had to take plans back to the county for approval.

I can attest to the fact that you should get at least three bids from the lumber companies. My bid between the first and second was off by $9,000.

I searched the Augusta area for granite for my kitchens and bathrooms and found the prices to be way beyond my budget. The dealers in Augusta told me that they obtained their granite from Elberton, Ga. So I drove to Elberton, Ga. They have over 70 granite and stone suppliers. No deals were available. After visiting four showrooms and being quoted about the same price, I headed back to Atlanta depressed. One bid alone from Elberton was over $12,000.

The next day I set out looking for deals in Atlanta and, by happenstance, at a location in Norcross, Ga. I was able to obtain the same granite that I had originally chosen in Elberton for my kitchen (120 sf for the kitchen alone) and 3.5 bathrooms, including the kitchen sink, three undermount sinks and a vessel sink for less than $6,500. I was elated.

I am now looking for flooring (engineered wood) and tile. I have picked out the tile and flooring by trying to find a deal.


This is what the site looks like after clearing.
This will be the view from the back porch.

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Posted to Howard-Georgia-Retirement-Home by Bettie in Harlem, GA on 7/5/2008 7:09:54 PM

Since my last post of July 2007, I have gone through a lot of "can I do this, should I do this?"  My final answer is YES I can and I am going to take the plunge.  I had my plans drawn by a local plan service in Augusta, GA.  Actually I had three plans that I liked so I took a little something from all three and had my plan service design me a house. It came out beautiful.  The total cost was approx. $2,400 for a 4,287 sf house design. The house will have 3.5 baths, three-car garage, three bedrooms, study, media room, living room, kitchen, laundry room and family room.

I have obtained my permits, insurance and paid for the water and sewer tap fee.  We just had the land cleared and the crushed rocks trucked in for the driveway.

The house will sit upon 5.85 acre lot with a two-acre pond. 

Other things that I have done to date is to purchase my cabinets. I know this is a bit unorthodox, however, I received such a good deal on the cabinets that I couldn't pass them up.  I saved on 60% off retail for the cabinets. I also purchased some chandeliers on clearance (three) recently from Home Depot.  I also purchased a pedestal sink from eBay.

I am constantly looking for ways to save money and searching for clearance items.

I will be uploading pictures soon.

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Posted to Howard-Georgia-Retirement-Home by Bettie in Harlem, GA on 6/12/2007

I am planning to build a new home in Harlem, Georgia, a location near Augusta, GA, Martinez, GA, and Columbia, SC.  I am looking for any information that anyone can provide.  I have already purchased the property 5.85 acres.  I am having my plan drawn by a service in Augusta, GA -- 2,880 sf.  I want to use panelized walls to save time and energy. 

Can anyone suggest a company that I can contact for bids?  Subcontractors?


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