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I used The O-B Book as my guide every step of the way - and it convinced me that I could easily project manage (general contract) the building, but that we did not have the time and energy to really do almost any of the actual work.
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Posted to E2custom by Erik on 3/4/2019 6:22:48 AM

Hi All. 

 Well I’m getting cuaght up on the blog thing I have so many things I’ve learned through this process that I want to share and haven’t had time because I’ve been so crazy busy with the house. It has been super cold here this weekend so I thought what better time than to get this caught up.  I am doing all of the General Contracting with a ton of help from my awesome wife.  She truly is the one that makes it all possible without her none of it would work.  She makes sure the family is running on the right path everyday and that I don’t spend to much money on one thing.   I have been running it and working on it a lot in the last 5 months.  I’m doing all my own Plumbing, Hvac, Hydronic infloor Heating, and a ton of other things as well.  Keeping trash picked up running to the dump and cleaning what feels like constantly.  I try to buy whoever is out there lunch at least once a week if I can.  Make sure they have answers to questions as fast as possible because uncertainty is a time eater.  I found it is very important to check in and make sure they have what they need for the next day because it is amazing how much time is wasted when you run out of material.  
  Paying subs quickly is very important as well.  My bank doesn’t like it that I do more draws than the two a month they specified in the beginning but I have found that when you get them there money fast they tend to call you asking if there is anything you need rather than you calling them to see where they are at and why works not getting done.  
  My wife gets on me every now and then for Shooting the s—t so to speak she tells me I talk to much. But sometimes it is really beneficial. I got a concrete guys name by talking to the excavator.  We also saved 15k just by me talking with a guy about a barn they were tearing down and the next thing you know we are getting our reclaimed barn wood floors from a local company! And from a barn that was a mile away from our house that was built in the 1890’s.  
I love meeting all the people working on my house and knowing a little about them and getting to share a little about me and my family with them. I want them to know who they are building it for so they don’t feel like it’s just another job and just another house.  I feel like that is a big part missing now days in our fast paced buildit and move it world. The pride that used to go into homes I feel has really diminished.  I take pride in the fact that I feel like my house won’t be that way I can see the pride that all of my subs have had in working on our house and it shows. 
Thank for reading!


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Posted to E2custom by Erik on 3/4/2019 5:53:03 AM

Hi I’ll 

 Bid bids bids I can’t stress enough how important it is to get multiple bids. I’ve been in the trades for almost 20 years as a plumber and I know that getting multiple bids is important. I didn’t really realize how important it was until I started building my own house. It is crazy the disparities that I was getting between bids. Let me preface this with the fact that I live in northern Colorado one of the hottest places in the United States for building right now.  Whole neighborhoods are popping up in 6 to 8 months it is crazy there’s so many contractors running around and so many of them that are not good. I was getting bids, no less than three for each thing that I was not doing myself on the house and also getting bids on materials for the things that I am doing on the house myself. I found that The contractors and people that I’ve worked with for years end up being my highest price bids. Not sure if it was because they saw the house and thought he can afford it. Not realizing that the only reason I can afford it is because I’m doing my due diligence in making sure I’m getting everything for the right price and done right.  For example I got two bids from electrical companies that I’ve worked with for years they were both 10k higher than a reputable company that I’ve never worked with that I called out of the blue.  Concrete this was the biggest one I got one bid for 125,000 and another bid For 70,000 both of them on paper looked almost the same but the 125,000  one had a ton of fine print. It started at 70,000 but nothing was included like the pump truck rental, the gravel for underneath all the flat work and also the flatwork was priced per square foot and not a total given on the bid.  Pretty much every other thing followed suit as well I was getting bids for everything and I would get three prices that were completely different. Some of them were explainable because people left things out or took the liberty of adding things in that I didn’t specify.   I can’t stress enough how important it is to get multiple prices check everybody’s prices and be very specific on what you want and how you want it done it takes a little longer and a lot more time on the phone but it saves you a ton of money in the end. I have saved around $175,000 just by making phone calls pretty insane when you add all that up if I would’ve been lazy and only take in the first price I’d never be able to finish this House.

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Lots of pics there now and lots more to come as we start the finish work inside which crazy as I am I am doing most of that myself. Except the painting no way I’m touching that!


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Posted to E2custom by Erik on 3/4/2019 3:55:02 AM

Hello all!   

Ah the floor plan and architect what a fun time.  We basically looked at around a thousand house plans and could never find one that really fit our family and what we wanted perfectly.  The great room was always to small or there were way to many bathrooms and no pantry. So we decided the best way to go was at least find a shape of a house we liked and printed a copy out we got some tracing paper and drew the outline and then started drawing our own floor plan.   We got as far as we could go and then had a meeting with the Architect.  He gave us some good ideas to make things flow better and away we went.   It took us around six months to get the final plans done.  Now that being said it was done my wife’s brother who is an architect so he was working on it in his spare time.  There were a few tweaks along the way moving doors and those kinds of things.  I suggest if your in a hurry to just find a plan on the Internet and purchase it.  If you have time, for sure lay it out yourself. It has been one of the most rewarding parts of this adventure to know that we started from scratch and get to see it all come together.  A couple things I would do different is I would find a way to move some of the second floor walls out on top of the first floor rather than having them somewhat setback from the first floor footprint.  This makes the house look awesome with lots of corners and lines and roof lines but holy cow! The amount of steel and lvls and microlams it takes to hold up the second floor when the walls aren’t stacked on top of each other is crazy.  Our lumber and steel package could have probably been cut by 15-20% without all the additional support beams.  A couple things I will say is it is hard to get a grasp on the size of things from a floor plan on paper.   I wish we would have taken the time to go out to the lot and buy some marking paint and literally paint the floor plan on the ground. We made a few rooms and areas bigger than what we probably needed but to late now lol.  I also wish we would have made some of the windows bigger, not sure a good way to plan that out or get an idea of how big the windows will be but just one thing I wish we could have changed.  

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Erik Haupt 


Basement unfinished with some possible future layout
Main level
Upper level
Front elevations
Rear elevation
Arial Shot

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Posted to E2custom by Erik on 3/3/2019 6:19:01 PM

Hello All! 

Well to say that I should have been better at this is an understatement. We are at the insulation step of the process and are going into drywall this week.  I haven’t had time to catch up on this because I have done a lot of the work myself.  I am a licensed Plumbing  and Heating  contractor and have been in the trades for almost 20 years. I have done all of the plumbing,Hvac,radiant heating, and tons of other things along the way including setting exterior doors framing the custom Fireplace(2 stories tall) and the list goes on.  I have came acrossed many challenges and many many Rewards.   We. Started in 2017 when we purchased the 3 acre lot.   We purchased it in April of 2017 while we still owned our other house.  We used a heloc from our current house to buy the lot with a down payment of our savings.  We then listed our house and sold it about 6 months later and used the profit from it to pay off the lot.  Now we owned the lot free and clear.  We had the luxury of moving in with family so we could save money while building our Dream Home.  This made a huge differance and we would have been able to build the house but not near what we wanted without this.  We then began designing the house from scratch we found tons of floor plans and gelled the good things together to put together what worked for us.  We met with our architect and he put it all on paper for us.  This process took way longer than we wanted but in the end it was worth it.  We were able to work our all the kinks in the plan and had very few changes as we framed.   Once we has plans I began the building process.  All of this takes more time than you would expect picking the right people is important and remember you always always get what you pay for. I contacted 4 different companies for soils testing.  This is a very important step in Colorado there are lots of different soil types here from expansive to bedrock.  Luckily we had no expansive soils and were able to do standard spread footers and no overdig.  I will explain this more in a separate post.  We then sent the drawing and soils report to the Structal Engineer.  I will explain this more as well in another post I picked an engineer based on a recommendation and he was more of a multi family home engineer and overdid the house a bit but we have an extremely solid home.  I then submitted everything for the construction loan and was rejected at first we had the lot but they wanted more if I was going to be my own General.  We ended up purchasing the water tap and a few other things with our savings to give the bank enough collateral to make it less of a risk for them.   We got the construction loan and submitted for permit which was going to take about a month.  This is where it gets a little interesting.   I had an excavator picked and a week before I submitted for permit he had a window to dig out basement so I took it.  This is not recommended because you could run into a little trouble if the county would get a report that your doing work without a permit.  I took the risk because they didn’t have another opening for two months.  It all worked out and has kept us on schedule.  The foundation and walls and plumbing were all done when I got the permit.   Concrete work was a large hurdle.  I got 3 bids for my footers and walls and wow was this an eye opener I got bids that ranged from 54k to 125 k.  This blew my mind and that was the moment I realized you need to always get bids and many of them.  The company that did the work was the lowest bid but a very reputable company and they did a great job.  Then on to framing they started on November 1st and did an amazing job I went with a small family owned company and they took a little longer but did everything how I wanted.  They also have done the siding and the deck which will be done this week.   I have had the same amount of bid desparity on almost all phases electrical was no exception I got bids ranging from 22k to 34k.  Once the framing was done I began all my work which was a lot of nights and weekends because I did all the roughs while working my full time job.  Once all that was done I got the electricians in there.  They took quite a bit longer than I wanted but all in all they did a great job.  The inspector called me after rough inspection of  all the roughins and told me it was the nicest rough he had ever seen on a house that size. This made me feel pretty good that he went out of his way to tell me this so I made sure to pass it on to everyone that was involved.  Which brings us to where we are now Insulation.  Can’t wait to get this done and start Sheet rock. !  
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For lots of pics and Videos 


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