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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 12/31/2018 5:23:54 PM

it has been so awesome to be in the house, but of course the projects continue and they will for years to come!


Home Depot finished the cabinets. We got 2 pieces of butcher block and made the island. Finished island electrical and plumbing! In the kitchen we still need a bar top, pantry door, and perminate pantry shelves.
Entry. Still need to paint the front door
Inside entry. Still need trim and baseboards throughout house
One hallway. Got all the interior doors painted and closet doors up
Other hallway
Hall bath

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 6/29/2018 6:41:29 PM

Time just keeps going by so fast!! Moving was quite the effort. I planned to organize everything as we brought it in the new house, but we were running out of time, so everything got thrown in. We are slowly getting unpacked, but a few things are holding us up. One, we have been working on getting shelves/rods in the closets. Second, we are still fighting with home depot on getting our kitchen complete (with decent quality). Once that is done, then we can get all the kitchen boxes unpacked. Back to moving, moving and cleaning the rental took so much time. Between that and stress 3 of us ended up with Strep. So I had strep in the end of April and end of May....uggghhhh. Currently, we are battling the last bit with the rental, getting our full security deposit back. They only gave us 2/3 and then I spent the last week providing backup and getting upset, but it sounds like we should be getting it all back. Well, I thought we were going to issue a temp certificate of occupancy in the end of May, but we had to have our original inspector come back to check a few things. We needed a few more smoke detectors in the house, it took us weeks to find a wireless interconnecting smoke detector that would work with ours. Well, we wrapped up all of our items, and the inspector came back out. He told us we were good to go! But that only lasted for 24 hours and then we got a phone call from the inspector saying we needed a final elevation survey because we had a flood plain use permit we had to finalize. We got the survey on Monday, and now just waiting to hear back from the county. We still have lots of stuff to do just to finish the actual house… finalize siding, finish caulking the outside, paint the garage door, paint all interior doors, buy/paint/install baseboards, finish closets, cabinets or shelving in pantry and laundry room. After all of that, then we can get started on the landscaping.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 5/23/2018 3:26:55 PM

So... final inspection was scheduled for today and.... we PASSED! But not without a little scare. I looked online and saw that another inspector was assigned and not our regular one. I was at work so I texted my husband and his response was "Ya, he's here and it's not looking good"..... so I had to wait an hour to get a phone call back and I was freaking out. The inspector did give us a short list of minor electrical things we need to fix and said our regular inspector would come back out, but he said we could start moving in. Now we have a busy week ahead of us.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 5/16/2018 9:29:49 AM

had a bit of a freak out last week. I felt like things weren't getting done and we have to be out of the rental by the end of the month. However, things turned around...

All the electrical is hooked up and working in the house, just have a few outside outlets and lights.

Plumbers installed water heaters, water filtration system, and did some work in the house.

Farm front sink was installed wrong, but just in time it got fixed. Counters and sinks were installed and cabinets were worked on. Still having issues with the quality of the cabinets and install, so we are having a meeting with Home Depot management Friday, but this won't hold up us moving in.

The loft railing won't be installed until next Tuesday, we need to confirm with them. 

We are planning on finishing the patio ceiling this weekend. We have 3 patios, so it's a bit of work. 

Current goal is to have final inspection next Wednesday. 


Living room fan
Our one full bathroom that will be completed
One of the master bathrooms

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 5/9/2018 7:57:13 PM

We are now connected to electric! Still working on electrical outlets and switches in the house, but hopefully getting close. My husband is doing this with my cousin. This is a result of our big issues with the first electrician. 

AC was installed last weekend! Another exciting milestone bc it is getting hot (over 100). The electrical is all done for those and it is up and running. 

We finished the loft flooring, but are still waiting on the railing. I told my husband we need it in the next week bc we will need that for COO.

Kitchen.... we are still having nightmare issues with Home Depot contractors. We were supposed to have counters installed today but the plumber said they installed our farm sink wrong, so they got pushed out until Monday. Also we are not very happy with the quality of the cabinets. The wood color ones are kind of mismatch and the white ones you can see dark lines in the joints. We will have to work something out later bc we need a completed kitchen for COO. 

County requires one completed bathroom. We worked on tiling the shower last weekend and should have it done this coming weekend. 

We also had a gas tank installed and connected to the house. 

We have our notice on the rental so we have to be out by the end of May. I am really starting to feel the pressure!


Loft flooring
AC! Yay!
Look, working lights!

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 4/26/2018 9:42:58 AM

Two weeks ago my husband rented a trencher from a neighbor so we could lay the conduit from the house to the electrical pole on the road. I was excited for him to be working on it, that was until I realized we were going to have to dig the last few inches out of the hole! The whole was 4-5 inches wide and 39 inches deep. We spent a day and half doing this and it was miserable. On top of it being crappy work, it is also getting hot here (in the 90's that weekend). We got the conduit it and then we failed our electrical inspection with the electric company twice.... we had to dig more by the pole, add some bolts, pull the mule tape. Finally we passed with the electric company, then the county came out this week and they passed us also. Now we are waiting on the electric company to give us a date they will connect us. I was hoping it would be this week. We went spent a few hours this last weekend working on siding. We are getting so close, we just need to buckle down and get it done, but once again it has been hot and we have been getting burnt, so we get tired and decide to move to inside tasks :) We got all the vanities installed. Home depot and their subs have been a bit of a nightmare with the kitchen cabinets. We are waiting on a broken piece and an additional cabinet we had to order to fix the island. Counter company came out and measured last week and they should be ready to install late next week, so hopefully the cabinet people can get themselves together. We spent a full day hanging electrical fixtures (fans, can lights, vanity lights) I felt like we got a lot done that day. My cousin is helping us with the electrical panels, I am not sure how far along he is but the hubby said he had made good progress. We spent the morning at home depot on Monday (I have been taking days off here and there to try to get more done) and we picked a flooring (vinyl planks) for the loft and tile for the showers. We started the installing the loft flooring and are about 25% complete. We want to get this done this weekend so the wrought iron company that did the stairs can come install the railing asap. We are going to give our 30 days notice for May month end to be out of our rental. I am a little nervous, but things we need to focus on this weekend are finish installing the loft floor and work on electrical outlets/fixtures. I will try to be better about taking pictures this weekend.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 4/11/2018 3:36:34 PM

We laid the epoxy on the floors on Saturday. I can’t say I love them, but I don’t hate them. There are some repairs and touchups that we need to figure out, but it is what it is. The living room garage door went in yesterday. It looks really great! My only complaint is that the door is black and the stairs are more of a bronze/brown tint. I wish we would have did the stairs darker. That is all on us and once again it is what it is.

Electric company installed a pole in front of our property and ran electrical across the street! We bought the PVC, we just need to trench now. So close to having power!


We bought some cheap vanities at Lowe’s and my sister was nice enough o paint them for us. We brought those inside and set them in the bathrooms. The kitchen cabinets are being installed starting today. Counters are being measured next week. 




Living room garage door
Epoxy floors
One of the vanities
Electrical pole installed and power brought across the street!

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 4/6/2018 3:19:39 PM

this week we painted and spent a lot of time prepping the floor for epoxy. We scrapped, swerved, mopped, pressure washed, buffed, grinder, filled cracks, cleaned again. Epoxy is going on Saturday. I am a little nervous how it will turn out. 


Siding almost done
Kitchen/living room painted and floor cleaned

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 3/28/2018 10:35:27 AM

Man, time has been flying by! I have been so busy with the house, work (travel), personal life.... I am feeling tired and ready to be in the house! Every weekend working at the house and all weekdays working on getting out of the rental has just been exhausting. The lease on our rental is up in the end of April and we hoped to be out, but that is not going to happen. We are now shooting for the end of May. Drywall was completed about a week ago. We spent a few days prepping the house for paint. We used a leaf blower to blow out all the drywall dust.... so much dust! Then we taped off the floors, windows, and doors. We hired a friend with a paint sprayer to come prime the hole house and paint all the ceilings. We got all that done in one (long) day. This last weekend we got the main living area painted (kitchen, living room, loft). At the peak of the house I had to stand on a ladder on the scaffolding. It was pretty scary! We have also continued to work on siding, we have made good progress and are probably 90% complete, but then I feel like we have a lot of detail work to go. Cabinets were delivered last week. We had them put them in the garage. Appliances were also delivered to the garage. We had a nightmare experience with Home Depot. When I ordered them I didn't check a box to put in the delivery address (vs the billing address which is our rental). And we talked to them several times and they could not change the address without canceling the order and redoing it, but we bought the appliances at black Friday so we could not be guaranteed the same prices. We ended up bribing the delivery guys and apparently $40 wasn't enough, but $80 was. I am feeling annoyed, but glad it is over. Hopefully they all work! My husband has been working with our electric company to get power to the house. Both our permit and theirs has been approved. They should be placing a pole at our property line some time soon, and my husband plans to trench the line out on Friday. I think the current completion date is April 18. We decided to do epoxy floors. We have a neighbor that is getting ready to build a house that does garages for a living. He volunteered to help us out since my husband has been giving him the good contractors we have used and he has been answering questions. This weekend we have to prep (clean the floors) because he is coming out the weekend of April 7. This means we will have to pause the painting, but we need to do this so we can get the cabinets installed next. I need to get some pictures from the family because I have been bad and haven't taken any. I will try to post some soon!

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 3/8/2018 8:42:28 PM

The drywall company has been doing a really good job. They got all the drywall hung and the screws in by the weekend. We had the screws inspected on Monday and everything passed fine. Then drive wall came back out this week and they've been cleaning up and taping the edges.

We have been working on the siding still. A big dust devil came through over the weekend and blew over the Porta potty and the ladders it was pretty crazy.


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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 3/1/2018 9:07:50 AM

Two weekends ago we spent the weekend prepping for drywall. We put in 2 attic doors (with ladders), boxed out the area above the cabinets, added some cheaper insulation to the garage and between some internal walls, made shower/bath shelves, cleaned, etc. This last weekend we went back to working on siding. I feel like we made pretty good progress, but still a good amount to go. Drywall finally started this week, but they were a week late. After a week of excuses from the team lead my husband had to call the boss and yell at him. They immediately got 2 guys out there working. It is frustrating that it has to come to that, but they are there now and they seem to be doing a good job.


Front door installed
Siding in front
Siding in back

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 2/16/2018 9:49:44 PM

We spent the weekend finishing up small things/prepping for insulation. Insulation was completed yesterday! Once again, I can’t say enough… I love going to work and coming home to see work done haha! We decided to do foam insulation in both the ceiling and walls. It was a bit expensive, but being in AZ it gets really hot in the summer, so we thought it would be worth it. We are going to buy some cheap insulation (and install it) for the garage and some of the interior walls. We are scheduled to have the front door go in on Monday and drywall next week. We will spend the weekend prepping final details for drywall and if we finish we will go back to siding.


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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 2/8/2018 11:37:26 PM

We finally finished electrical and passed rough in inspection!!!! We have a few small things we are finishing up and insulation is scheduled for 2/13 and then drywall is scheduled for 2/20 (our next inspection is after drywall goes up, but before mud). We have been busy working on the siding. Everything is slower than I expect it to be in my head. We bought some cheaper unfished cabinets for the master bathrooms, and my sister is working on painting them for us. Also, we have been working with the electrical company on the plan to get electricity to the property. 


The lease on our rental is up in the end of April, so I feel like we are getting to the mad dash at the end of the race! We really want to be out of there ASAP due to all the problems we had with them in the fall. We will see what happens, we have a camper so we are debating about moving into that if the house isn’t quite finished in time.


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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 1/25/2018 4:25:35 PM

It was cold last weekend and we got some sprinkles, so we decided to get some items taken care of inside. The new electrician identified that there was several wires run wrong, so he had us pull the bad wires out, we built the pony wall for the bar, built a stand for the dog wash area that will be in the laundry room, and made some other small repairs. We also continued hanging furring strips and painting 2x4s for the trim. Wood house siding was delivered this week. We are having some family help this weekend on the siding, so hopefully we will make some good progress. Work with the new electrician is going well (besides costing us extra money), hopefully they will be done soon.


Metal siding started
Pony wall for bar
Dog wash area

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 1/18/2018 9:09:55 AM

Pretty productive weekend. We got 5 exterior doors installed (garage exterior door, garage interior door, back door, and 2 storage rooms off the patio). We got the whole house wrapped in the protective layer and foam, finished staining the posts on the back patio, and worked a little more on painting the eaves. This week the wrought iron company that made the spiral stair case came and installed it. We didn’t know they were coming, they just showed up, and drywall isn’t in yet, so hopefully that isn’t a problem. We are signing an hourly contract with an electrician today and they should be able to start next week. It is a real licensed/registered company that has been open for several years, so hopefully everything goes ok. We had a hard time finding a company that wanted to take on the job. 


This weekend is supposed to be cold, but hopefully we can work on the metal siding some more and paint eaves/the wood for the trim. Goal is to have electrical done by 2/2 so we can have insulation and drywall done in February.


Spaceship house! Foam is all silver
Installed doors and stained post

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 1/11/2018 1:36:07 PM

Things have been slow..... we have all been sick, so our tasks are slowly being worked on. We fired the electrician and are working on getting new bids, which is also turning out to be slow. We are finding out that the electrician that we hired messed some things up, so we will have rework. We had a garage door put on, which is good because we will have the wood siding delivered soon and we wanted a safe place to store it. We have several of the exterior doors coming this week, hopefully we can get those put in this weekend. We have also been working on installing metal siding (for the sides of the house). We got some rain a few days ago, and the house looked pretty dry (only one spot we need to look into), so that is good. We haven't had much rain in the last 6 months, which has been good for building, but we want it to rain a little now so we can check things out. I will get some pictures this weekend!

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 12/29/2017 8:22:11 PM

Things have still been slow. We have been sick and the holidays were slowing us down. Plumber should be done with rough in today. We fired the electrician a few days ago and are getting quotes from 2 other "real" companies. We already gave the electrician $7k but he says we owe him $7k more, even though his total bid was $21k and we don't have any panels yet and aren't ready for rough in inspection. Once we get the bids to finish the work we will see if we give him more money. We initially met him when he was working for a "real" company. My husband liked him and he said he was starting his own business, so we thought we would use him. Well he wasn't a licensed electrician or even a registered contractor. Big mistake on our part, that won't happen again. Anyway he says he wants $85/hour...once again not licensed or registered and our contract is not based on $/hour. We will be working on siding this weekend and having a family member run the wires for tvs and security cameras. I will be really excited once the electrical is worked out. We have companies lined up for insulation and drywall. Exterior doors are ordered and coming in January. 


Exterior in work
Be have a bathtub!
Electrical and plumbing

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 12/14/2017 1:25:22 PM

This weekend we did more painting the eaves and staining, moving forward slowly, but moving forward! We are almost finished with the eaves on the 2nd floor. We also, made a little progress on wrapping the house in the plastic. We are doing a combination of metal and wood siding. We got the metal ordered, and are working on finalizing the wood order. We will be installing the siding ourselves, so I am sure this will be a long process. Still working on getting the doors ordered, the company is really slow in returning questions. Gas lines were all ran last week. Electrician is still being a pain, not very much more work has been done. We got a quote from another electrician to finish the job, but it was more than the original guy and we already gave him money. We are working on a backup plan, but the guy is supposed to be back out today or tomorrow.  


We plan to do polished concrete throughout the house. We got a quote from a guy to rent the machine and do it ourself. We will need to plan this into the schedule before drywall.


This weekend we have some plans, so we will only be able to work on Sunday. Plan is to get some more painting done.


Mom and dad painting and my husband being the "safety manager"
Hard to see but we have been staining the back posts

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 12/7/2017 8:26:22 AM

Windows and slider doors were installed! We have been working on painting the eaves/fascia and staining the back posts. Septic has finished and buried everything except for the connection because plumbing still needs to connect it to the house. Electrician has been out a few days for a few hours each day. Needless to say, he is not going to make his 12/8 estimated completion date. We are getting a quote from another electrician as a backup plan. We contacted our electrical company and found out the soonest we can connect is 4/10/2018! So we need to make sure we meet all of their needs and deadlines.


This weekend we plan to continue painting and staining. Plumbing and gas are planning to be out Friday and then for the next few days. We are working on ordering siding and getting the rest of the doors ordered. We found a drywall company that we like and need to sign the contract before the end of the month.


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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 11/28/2017 5:24:07 PM

They found out there is still mold in our rental, so we are still dealing with them tearing the house apart and not having a working laundry room.


On a good note, we finished the roof over the long weekend! Home depot came out and measured for cabinets. Once we have the updated cabinet plan we need to send it to plumbing so they can continue and get with their gas company. Septic is all in place and waiting for plumbing to connect it to the house. Windows are all paid for and will be installed over the next 2 days. (I like the part where I go to work and come home and work is done hahaha). We are signing a contract and submitting a check today to have our spiral staircase built. Oh ya, and we ordered appliance and have a delivery date for the end of Feb


The electrician has been a bit flakey. He kept saying his car broke down, but he would be out there in the next day or two. Finally on Thanksgiving he showed up, we were roofing, so I was surprised to see him, but he only stayed an hour (which seems strange to me, but I was happy he did work). Then, on Friday we were on the roof again and he pulled up and I was so excited to see him again, but then he didn’t even make it in the house and he left. WTH. After a few hours we texted him and he said he forgot his tools, so he will just come Sunday…….. seriously! I haven’t been to the house in a few days, but I believe he was there Sunday and Monday. He said he will be done 12/8 with rough in. We will see.


We were planning on doing spray foam insulation, but our plumber friend told us that we should do research because it has ingredients that are known to cause cancer. I have looked a little, but not a lot yet. Anyone have any knowledge on this?


Roof before we completed
Septic tank installed

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 11/16/2017 11:06:53 AM

So, we have had the last few weeks from hell. We have lived in our rental for 2 years now and we had all been a little sick off and on, we finally figured out it was due to mold in the house. The property management and owner were a nightmare to deal with initially it sounded like they just wanted to terminate our lease. Where would we go? We hope to have the house done in 4 months or so, so we couldn't sign a lease and we have so much junk! I have joked that we have been "homeless" for 3 years because we haven't really been in "our own" space, but we were literally about to be homeless this time. We even bought a camper thinking we were going to live in it at the property. SO STRESSFUL! But, they ended up sending someone out on Tuesday to remove and treat and we are now moving forward. The kids and I have stayed in a hotel for 3 nights, but we plan to go home tonight. So, needless to say, the house has taken a backseat. We did get out there the last few weekends and have been installing the roof. It is taking longer than I initially expected. We are about 2/3 done. Hopefully after this weekend we will be mostly done, and luckily the weather has been nice. I will try to remember to take a picture this weekend. We really need to get on the electrician about getting done and we need to get the plumber some information so he can continue. Hopefully over the long weekend we can get the roof done and I can work on painting the eaves.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 11/1/2017 6:04:31 PM

Not a whole lot of actual house progress this week. Door company came by yesterday to measure and get info to update the bid. Over the weekend we painted the fascia. Roofing was delivered Monday morning, so we will work on it this weekend. Electrician dropped items off and said he will start tomorrow. Plumber will be at the house tomorrow.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 10/26/2017 10:06:39 AM

HVAC completed phase one (of their 2 phases) Plumbing, we are using my parent’s friend’s company and have had a hard time getting ahold of him. At this point we don’t know when they are coming out and that is pretty frustrating. Electrical said he would be buying stuff this week and starting work next week. Siding – we bought some rolls of plastic and started putting it on. We are waiting for another wood sample to get here, should be today. Roofing – We are doing asphalt shingles and we are installing it ourselves. We ordered it from home depot yesterday and are waiting to hear a delivery date. We also need to decide on a trim color so we can paint the eaves before the shingles go on. Doors – we went Tuesday to look at doors, we called yesterday to have an old quote updated, but are waiting on them to get back to us. Insulation – On Tuesday we met with insulation and they will be working on updating our quote. Detached garage/workshop – we are starting the planning for a detached garage. There are some issues with setbacks, so we had to submit a form asking for approval to put the garage in line with the house (15 ft closer than the allowed garage setback). There is an initial approval, then they will notify all neighbors within 600ft and we will have a hearing. Hopefully this step goes smoothly and quickly. My dad has a lot of stuff so we want to have the garage done before/at the same time as the house. So it sounds like we will have a busy several weekends of roofing, painting, siding.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 10/18/2017 2:11:23 PM

Windows, windows, windows…. What a nightmare. The original company we went with (we will call them company A), told us it was a 3 week lead time, we went to order and then they changed it to 8 weeks. We called company B and they said their time was 4 weeks, so we asked for a quote. A week later they get us a quote (with the sizes all messed up) and then tell us they are not taking any more clients for installation, even though we told them we wanted them installed. We went back to company A and they increased their labor by almost 50%. We went to get quotes from company C and D. Company C says 4-6 weeks and the price was higher, and company D was cheaper, but they took too long to get us a quote, and we had already ordered. In the end we went back to company A….. ugghhh…. They brought their time in and reduced the cost increase. Finally they are ordered and will be installed in the end of November.


On a good note, framing passed inspection on Friday. Over the weekend we cleaned up at the house and burned some of the scrap wood because our trash is overflowing. Also, we bought a bunch of redi rock (giant legos – thousands of pounds each) a year ago and we are finally starting to install. A neighbor owns a construction business and he has been nice enough to rent us his tractor for cheaper than the place we previously used.


HVAC will be in two phases, they started phase 1 on Monday and should be complete this week.


Plumbing said they can start after HVAC is complete with phase 1, and they are going to check everything out today.


Electrical said he is ready to order some materials, we need to get him a down payment soon.


Siding – we are trying to decide on the material. We are debating on a mix, the options are real wood not painted, hardy board, stucco, metal.


My husband is a stay at home dad, he does have a small business, but it is really small and he has been neglecting it lately. I am not sure how 2 full time working people could do all this work. He is on the internet or making calls for what seems like all day, or running to the property to meet contractors/answer questions. I also spend several hours a week helping making calls, dealing with the finances, scanning and emailing contracts. I feel like we are always running at 100 miles an hour! I guess just keep my eye on the prize!


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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 10/11/2017 9:23:36 AM

Wow, I have been so impressed with our framers. They work 6-7 days a week, and they are there every day working hard! I am actually finding it a little difficult to keep up with them on planning the next steps.


Windows – we probably put this off too long. When we finally called to place the order they said they could have them done in 2-3 weeks, but could not install until Dec 7, that was not going to work for us. We called another company that could install as soon as the windows are complete, and we are about to place the order.


Electrical – The guy we picked for electrical is a family run business and he is currently working another project and then will be on to ours, we will have to touch base with him again soon, to make sure it won’t be too far away.


Plumbing – Contacted our plumber and told him we will probably be needing him out next week.


HVAC – We have met with 3 companies so far, one guy was a total salesman, telling us we “needed” a better system that was 2x over the price of the other guy. And it included electric vents that close in one room if another room needs cooled…. Ummmm we are on a budget I don’t think we NEED that!


So, planning the design of the house has been extra difficult with 4 people involved, but we are getting there one debate at a time! Everyone has something that is extra important to them, so we are trying to accommodate while staying in the budget. One item that was a must on my husband’s list was a glass garage patio door. We finally worked something out that was in the budget for that, and got it ordered. That won’t be installed until January.


Next steps: finalize the insulation plan, cabinet selections, siding selection, and roof color. Get another drywall quote.


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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 10/4/2017 8:41:27 PM

framing started, woohoo! They were even a day early! We really need to get the windows ordered. Life's been crazy so this is short, but we're moving forward 


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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 9/27/2017 7:39:07 PM

Well we got a few days behind, party our fault for messing up an inspection date and partly concrete guys fault for being late. The house foundation was poured Monday and patios and the last few footers were poured today! We talked with the framer and he is scheduled to start Saturday. 

Next week action items: finalize window selection and place order, septic guys will be submitting request for permit, and figure out which contractors we need to finalize next. 


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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 9/20/2017 9:41:05 PM

Concrete company was a few days late. They got the ABC spread on Saturday. Monday-Wednesday they finished prepping for concrete. We also got termite pretreatment today. Inspection is tomorrow and hopefully we will pour on Friday. In the next few days we will make call the framer to finalize plans and order a dumpster. Coming along slowly but surely!

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 9/13/2017 12:59:56 PM

Plumbing was finished and we had the inspection approval on 9/7. We spent the weekend burying the plumbing trenches. Concrete contractors are a few days behind and are now supposed to start today. They still think they will be complete this week and ready for inspection Monday 9/18. We have picked a pest control company to treat for termites and I need to make an appointment for them to come out on 9/18.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 8/30/2017 6:15:46 PM

We closed on the loan! Woohooo! But since the bank had us on stop work, nothing happened at the property... booooo. Plumber is still scheduled for 9/1-2, then we will have the inspection on 9/5. The plumber told us that the concrete people will bury his trenches, but the concrete guy said they don't because they don't want to be liable. So, we decided we will be out there on the weekend of 9/9 filling trenches! Concrete guys are supposed to be back out on 9/11, ready for inspection on 9/18, and pour on 9/19. Framers are all lined up and already ordered material. They will be out 9/25. Crossing my fingers everything goes to plan.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 8/23/2017 11:08:51 AM

The bank told us we had to stop all work at the property until we close the loan. GRRRRRR. We are supposed to sign the closing documents tomorrow and then we can turn everything back on. Plumbing came out and dug the trenches, but that is all they did before the stop work. The plumber can't come back out until 9/1, so looks like we will be on hold for another week. We met with the framer this week, and they should be able to start when we need them to. Right now we are guessing that will be 9/18.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 8/16/2017 11:58:08 AM

Stem walls have been inspected, poured, and they started taking the wood frame down. Plumbing has not started, but we are planning on it to start and be complete this week. The appraisal came back and it was where we needed it to be. The insurance company was a nightmare trying to get the correct documentation for the bank, but I think we are good now and should be closing our loan within the next week. Things feel like they are going slow, but I guess that is ok because we don't have the loan finalized, but hopefully in the next few weeks the loan will be done and we can really start moving.

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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 8/8/2017 10:34:01 AM

More like 3 years + 1 week lol, but since I am only referring to the building of the house we will call it week 1. Attached are the house elevations and floor plan. These aren’t the final copies, we actually had a few changes, but they are the only ones I have on this computer. We didn’t like the cut of the roof in the back, so that changed and we added on a walkway across the back connecting all the patios. The inspector came out and approved the footers and we had them poured on Friday. Next step is the stem walls and they are hoping to have them approved/poured by the end of this week. We also have plumbing starting this week. We have 2 electricians we are talking to, we need to officially pick one. Then, they will need to stub in for the island (I think that is the only thing they need to do before foundation is finished). We are still waiting to hear back from the bank about the appraisal. If all goes well with that, then we should be good to go with the loan.


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Posted to MesaBarnHouse by Amanda in Mesa, AZ on 8/2/2017 2:37:02 PM

Well, not sure how we got here, but sometime 3 years ago my husband had a brilliant idea to sell our home and build a custom home on a decent size property with my parents. Here is what has happened in the last 3 years… July 2014 – We sold our house and moved into with my parents June 2015 – We bought our 4.4 acre property (with my parents) August 2015 – My husband and I (and our 2 small children) moved into a rental .5 a mile from the property October 2015 – My parents listed their house for sale March 2016 - My parents sold their house April 2016 – We started working with an architect to make our plans Summer 2016 – Worked with a civil engineer to plan our property (we have a decent size wash that runs through the middle of our property) August 2016 – Initial plans are complete and the plans go to structural engineering November 2016 – We submit our plans to the county to get a building permit. March 2017 – After going back and forth with the county several times we get our building permit! Also, our well is dug! Sometime along the way we borrow a tractor to clear the land and we get a lot of dirt delivered (for free! From a company doing work a few miles away). May 2017 – My husband and I buy a shed for mother’s/father’s day (what an exciting gift!) to hold the well equipment. We have the pad compacted. June 2017 – We had some financial hold ups trying to decide if we would put the loan in our name or my parents, but we finally work it out and we apply for the loan July 2017 – We get “credit approved” and are working with the bank to finalize our owner builder loan. We hire the foundation contractor and they started marking off the house and digging footers. Of course right after we broke down we got a ton of rain! So now here we are in August 2017. People have been asking me for the last 1.5 years when we think we will be done and my answer is always a year lol…. Hopefully now I can realistically say a year and it be true! The inspector is supposed to come out today to look at the footers and then if all goes well they will pour them tomorrow. Goals for this month 1. Finish the foundation 2. Hire the framer 3. Finalize the loan Picture is from when they were compacting the pad, I need to get an updated one.


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