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Posted to thedaniels by Craig in Graham, WA on 3/18/2017 6:36:46 PM

It has been awhile from my last post. We have made some progress, not a lot, but some. Western Washington has been hit with just days and days of rain, I know that is not really news, but it is so wet and muddy nothing is getting done very quickly. The forms are all set, the local county has inspected and everything has passed, we should pour on Monday, March 20th, form striped the next day and then drainage and back fill. Framer is scheduled to start on the 27th.

We had a couple of problems, the first being incorrect grade for the wall. The foundation company placed the final grade too low, this would have not left enough room for the floor joists and a very tight, like no, craw space. I had asked my framer to check levels and grades and he caught it before the forms were set. But we had to excavate an additional 18" to make things work, that put us back about a week. It is so muddy the excavator operator was afraid of getting his track hoe stuck.

I still have to move the telephone and cable runs from the road to the house, last 10 feet or so, just a bunch of hand digging. The main electrical cables must be dug up and ready for the local power company to move to the new meter base location, that wont happen for a couple of months. Also, need to move the septic tank wiring and panel and a couple of conduits, one is for the generator and the other is the heat pump. Will be moving those wires inside and have already removed the sheet rock to make it happen. Most likely get to those smaller jobs done next weekend, I hear the rain is supposed to stop...



Almost formed up
Just about ready for mud

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Posted to thedaniels by Craig in Graham, WA on 3/2/2017 3:46:31 AM

We dug dirt! The excavator came out on Tuesday morning and got started. He first had to remove all the existing flower beds, lawn and raised garden area. Then start digging down to footing level. The foundation is stepped  down the hill. Think of really long and narrow stairs, with 2 to 3 feet between the steps. Framing is a lot less money than concrete so there is a big savings. You also end up with a nicer looking wall, siding and paint look better than gray concrete wall.

The foundation was out today, March 1st, got a the wall laid out, that is marks on the ground where the wall and footings will be built. We had a bit of confusion, there is a slight angle to the foundation on one of the walls, the foundation guy picked that up right away, the excavator not so much. But we got everything figured out and hope to pour on Friday, March 10.



West side of the existing house.

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Posted to thedaniels by Craig in Graham, WA on 2/12/2017

Well, we are making some progress...First of all we received just more the 18" of snow last Sunday, Feb 5th.  Not very common for Western Washington to get 6" of snow let alone 18". Schools were closed for 3 days, I couldn't get to work for 2 days and nothing got done on my project. By Friday, Feb 10 all the snow was just about gone and the surveyor's had been here and did there thing. Talking with the engineer he says I should have my road detail and cross sections finish by Wednesday this week. If that happens, a quick submittal to Pierce County Planning and my permit should be in hand.

I have the excavator setup for Feb. 21st, he is saying about 2 to 3 days to dig and prepare for the foundation. My foundation guy  can't start until March 10th. But I have lots to do. Including moving a water line from my well, septic pump electrical has to be moved, along with the cable/telephone lines plus moving an exterior electrical line to my heat pump and another for my emergency generator panel.  I think I will mount new the new 200 Amp panel and my new 320 Amp meter base, get the conduits installed and wire pulled to both panels. The framer is all set, I have him set up to start on March 20th. We shall see if this all comes together. 


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Posted to thedaniels by Craig in Graham, WA on 1/22/2017 12:31:06 AM

Well, here I sit...Still waiting for Pierce County to decide if they will issue my permit before the fire sprinkler permit or not. I received three quotes for the fire sprinklers including installation and a 300 gallon water storage tank, required because I am on a well. Fire sprinklers are not cheap, but it should push the appraised value up anther $15 or $20 thousand.
I am looking at two weeks before the drawing are ready plus a week for the permit, I was hoping to start before the end of the month, we will see.

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Posted to thedaniels by Craig in Graham, WA on 1/6/2017

Hello, just starting this journal, should be interesting. We originally constructed a living area over a garage eight years ago, all that we could afford at the time, mostly with our own cash. Three years ago we had an architect design us a 1,868 sq. ft., over two stories addition, plus 1,076 sq. ft. of deck space. It will have two additional bedrooms, laundry room, 2.5 baths, a great room kitchen, dining/living area. To go with our existing bedroom, 3/4 bath and a living/dining/kitchen area that will be converted into an additional bedroom and a bonus room. We now have the funds and income to do the addition and are currently in the permitting process.

We stated permits with Pierce County, in Washington State in July, this being January, we have run into a few problems. Most of them the architect/engineer handled with no cost to me they just took time, we are building on the side of a hill and for some reason the county does not want the house to slide to the bottom of the hill...The first problem was an updated Geo-Teck report, this report is about the soils, if the hill will slide etc. It took four updates and two months for that approval. Then they didn't like the floor joist lay out and that took a bit of time and after all the we ran in to 17B lot access.

17B lot access is a code requirement that a private access road be 15' wide and have no more than a 12% grade. My access road is 10' wide and has a 20% plus grade, I said we are on the side of a hill and no way can you lower the grade. But they do have a way around the 17B requirement, that is a fire sprinkler system, so I am out for bid looking for such. I have three company working on a quote, hopefully good things will happen soon. Best guess is about $5000.00, but is should add $15,000 to $20,000 to the final value, plus a very good reduction in the homeowners insurance cost.

I have my excavator, foundation and framer on stand by, they can start with less than a weeks notice. I am acting as my own general contractor, I have over twenty years experience in lite general construction, mostly with convenience stores, underground fuel storage system, water and sewer projects and such. I plan on subbing out most of the house and have bids to do just that. I will personally be do the electrical, finish plumbing, hard wood floors and painting.

My timeline is about eight to ten months, once I get started that is...



This is where the addition will be added. And yes, we have snow on the ground in Western Washington. Graham, the area I live in is South Puyallup, WA.

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