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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 3/17/2011

One of the things I've noted a couple of times over the last week or so is the need for some storage space in the garage.

Let's be quite clear that Tanglewood's garage is not a small space. At over 1,300 square feet, it's far and away the largest open area in the house, and of course it was designed that way. I have four vehicles to park in there--my trusty Fit, Blackie the pickup, Suka the Suburban, and of course my mom's car (which so far as I'm aware, she hasn't named). I sized it by measuring my Suburban's length, adding four feet so I could walk around it, and then added four feet on the side of each car so that doors wouldn't bang into the vehicle next to them. It's a straightforward system that worked well enough, giving me a nicely ginormous area in which to park cars and have a bit of a workshop area as well.

A lot of custom homes install overhead shelving or even a fancy storage system along one more more walls of the garage, and I considered that--until I saw the prices the contractors were charging for that kind of work! Even a not-too-elaborate system from Lowe's that was simply brought up and installed was going to cost way more than I had any expectation, and quite simply, my humble Missouri upbringing just wouldn't allow me to spend that much money on that kind of thing. It made far more sense for me to defer that particular budget item until later when it was needed...

...which unfortunately is now. Or at least it's partly now--I've got all manner of tools and whatnot at the house now that need storing, and of course there's the amazing quantity of leftover building materials that have to go somewhere. Most of this stuff is in very good shape too, the crews simply bought too much of it. The trim guys were the worst, leaving behind bundles and bundles of stuff all over the rear third of the garage area--I think I've got enough spare banister material to build a whole new staircase!

So today I bought three heavy duty wire mesh shelving units at the local Lowe's and brought them up to Tanglewood. These are the vanguard of what will likely be a good dozen such shelves arranged around the apartment and main house garage for us to stash "stuff" on--boxes of taxes (I'm keeping those since the museum will no doubt want them), tents, several old Atari ST machines, miscellaneous plumbing and sprinkler system parts, etc. And of course there's my mother's stuff--she's had two dozen boxes out in the garage for years at Wyrdhaven, and as it happens most of it is going is going into her apartment proper, but there are plenty of things she wants to have "not here, but nearby".

Once I got the shelving assembled, I was basically out of light (I only had a few hours here this evening) so I tucked them into place and headed back down. Two await my mother's use while one is stationed near the main house entrance for some of my storables. I'll need to get several more for the construction material I had noted earlier, but for now I've got a place to stash some more stuff as it's moved that isn't in the middle of a room somewhere. Besides, I don't want to even tackle the construction debris without a full day of sunlight in front of me, since I imagine some of it will get moved outside as I sort through piles to see what the heck it is I've got.

Part of me (the lazier part) wishes I'd had all of this built in to the garage during construction, but the frugal part of me is glad I didn't. I'd never have gotten over the insanity of the bids, no matter how much time and trouble it would be saving me today...

So--not much done on the house per se, but one of the Punch List tasks has at least been started!

Steven in Colorado Springs

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