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Hello everyone! I have been reading all of the forum posts for months and have learned a lot.
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Posted by Mike in Westminster, CO on 2/6/2011

Because of the snow and cold that almost all of us have been experiencing lately, work on the house has been somewhat slow going. The brick work on the house is mostly complete except for the arched entry in the front of the house. There's not much left to do, but we're still waiting for some weather warm enough that the mortar won't freeze. Until the last bit of brick is done in the front of the house, the gutters will have to wait to be installed. Also, the cold weather is holding back the concrete contractor from finishing the flatwork on the outside of the house.So, right now the weather is dictating the pace of work on the outside of the house.

Inside the house it is a different story. The tile setter has done a fair bit of work on the tile work in the bathrooms, and now has the shower pans poured and waiting on inspection for those. The trim carpenter has as much of the trim up as he can do right now, and also has some of the doors hung. All he is waiting for is the wood floors to be finished, so he can complete his work. I'm still working on the ceiling crown moulding and am about halfway done with it. The wood flooring contractor started on the floors on Thursday and is also about halfway done. So far, everything is looking pretty good on the inside of the house.

During the few nice days of weather that we've had, I started another project involving the deck on the rear of the house. One of my goals with the deck was to have it dried in so that I would be able to have a finished ceiling on the underside of the deck, especially where the lower patio on the walk-out basement is located. Some added benefits of having a sealed/dry deck are that all the water from rain and snow will be carried away from the house and the foundation, and it will make all the decking joists last for a lifetime, since they will always be protected from the elements.

I spent some time looking at what my options were for sealing my deck and found that there were two ways of accomplishing my goal - under-deck drainage systems, and over-deck drainage systems. The under-deck waterproofing didn't appeal very much to me, since it limited the types of ceiling I could put under the deck, and they were generally very expensive - at $6K - $8K for my size deck. The waterproof systems installed on the top of the deck allowed more flexibility in regards to the ceiling I could place under the deck. Probably the best of these systems in the Rain Escape drainage system. This is a very nifty system, but again, for this size deck, I was looking at $4.5K - $5K, a little more than I was looking to spend.

After doing some more research, I came across a very economical deck drainage system from this website - The simplicity and low cost of the system appealed to me, and I decided that this was a drainage system that I could install myself. The material that I used was a 40-mil EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). This is a rubberized material most commonly used as a roofing and pond liner. Installation of the system was pretty straightforward, though time-consuming (mostly in cutting the material). The system is comprised mostly of troughs and returns that are formed under the decking to collect and carry away any water that should get under the decking. On the underside of the deck, a gutter and downspout are installed to collect the water from the troughs and carry it away from the house. Once installed though, the drainage system worked like a charm. All the areas under the deck should now be completely dry, and the deck joists will be protected from the elements and should last a lifetime (with proper maintenance).


The crown moulding is now installed in the dining room.
The crown in the stepped ceiling in the main entry.
The tile work in one of the secondary bathrooms.
The floor tile in the mud room started.
The rear deck drainage system.

Posted by MonicaWitherspoon on 4/9/2020

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