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Steven in Colorado Springs, CO's Journal Entries

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/13/2010

With no inspection forthcoming today we decided to do a bunch of "miscellaneous" things instead.

Since Solar LeRoy was on site anyway for the inspection we put him to work on why the power had gone out AGAIN overnight last night. This was puzzling since he'd just figured out that we had a bad master/slave setting, so he (and I) thought it was all fixed.  Guess not though; he spent the day poring over data and then took some back home with him for further study and consultation with the good folks over at Outback (the solar guys, not the steakhouse).

While he was doing that Colleen and I decided to kick off a huge bonfire to reduce down some of the construction trash.  Let me hasten to remind folks that anybody who's read this blog regularly knows that we've been very good about recycling whatever we could--I've hauled more loads of cardboard, Styrofoam, and bottles/cans/miscellaneous plastic out of the site than I ever thought would be here--but some trash you just can't get rid of that way.  It's bits of 2x4s, or odd pieces of flooring, or cardboard boxes that were used during construction to hold mortar or drywall mud or whatnot.  This stuff can't be recycled--you either let it be hauled off to a landfill somewhere for the next thousand years or--you burn it.

Which is what we did.  We got a nice big fire lit (with a hose down from the house kept handy in case of problems of course) and just kept it going all day with one load of combustibles after another.  When the fire was burning freely and too big to really be comfortable standing near, we carted trash down from the house and sorted it out into burnable, recyclable, and just plain trash piles for later handling. Most of the trash proper got bagged up over the course of the day, and we'll gradually haul it out as we can. As it was we loaded up a truckload of recyclables (now that Blackie is back) and I plan to haul them over to the recycling center later this evening.

We also found a couple more things to add to the Punch List, unfortunately both fairly large items.  There's no door lock on the computer room patio door (sure there's way to even get up there right now from outside the house, but the door says it has a lock on a nice big sticker on the glass so...) and neither of the whirlpool tubs (apartment or master bathroom) appear to have any power.  The tubs are particularly surprising to me, since it apparently means that nobody ever thought to test them at all!  Wow.  My guess (based on prior experience) is that the electricians probably thought that the plumbers would hook them up as part of their installation, and that the plumbers probably thought the electricians would hook them up since it's electrical. Either way I'm impressed, but NOT in a Good Way.

Got a lot done today, even if the inspection got bumped.  Feels good to be "finishing" (kinda) rather than "building"!

Steven in Colorado Springs

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