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At some point I am going to collect my thoughts and really go in to detail about my experience building. I will say this forum was beyond helpful, and a great reliever of stress.
Bryan in Reynoldsburg, OH

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Posted by Mary in PA on 12/4/2010

I’m still working (um, stressing) over getting a set of house plans from the designer in time to submit before the end of the year and change of building codes. Meanwhile, John has taken over more of the planning and implementing role for the interior of the farm shop. He finished Part Two of sealing the slab by adding a hardener product and I’m told the slab is now officially open for use.

In the evenings, John has been planning the interior walls for the shop’s bathroom. He purchased the required lumber and hit up a family member for use of his chop saw. The plan was to precut all of the lumber and just assemble the walls on-site, since we don’t have any electricity yet. So early on a very chilly Saturday morning, I went along to help with cutting the lumber. We got to use this very nice Bosch saw – a far cry from the carpenter’s hand saw we have at home. John got a brief overview of how to set the fancy stops on the workbench, after which the saw’s owner wisely retreated into his nice warm house and left us to our task. We proceeded to sort, measure, cut, label and stack the lumber back in the truck. I was the lumber sorter, labeler and stacker, while John did the measuring and cutting. We worked in silence, each focused on the tasks at hand with only an occasional comment as to how cold it was. (Alright, I admit that it was only me complaining, um... I mean commenting on the frigid temps.) I guess I was an acceptable assistant, because after a while I got promoted to using the chop saw.

I like learning new things and John is generally a good teacher although he sometimes forgets that I have NO experience. So I’m making my first cut on the lumber and despite my glasses, the sawdust is kicking up in my face pretty good (I think John’s height avoided this problem). I was squinting my eyes against the onslaught when John got a glimpse of my squished up face under the hood of my coat… and mistakenly thought my eyes were closed. John’s a pretty laid-back guy – but this state of affairs brought on a full blown Safety Stand Down with a firm lecture on the the proper handling of power tools and a grand finale, "And you must keep your eyes open!” I replied with a sweet smile, “Oookaaayyyyy Honey. My eyes were open, I was just squinting.” John had no comment except to review the main safety issues, again, before we started back at work.

Aside from that minor incident, our work progressed well. I'm happy to report that no fingers were lost and no divorce decrees were issued. I got some good first exposure to power tools and we got all of the lumber cut and ready to go.


P.S. And THANKS to the nice guy willing to lend the use of his very snazzy Bosch saw!


Just squinting, Honey.

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