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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 11/23/2010

Other stuff happened today beyond the very important milestone of (at last!) firing up the radiant-heat system. More electrical installations were done all over the house, and the trimwork guys began on the flooring in the library area.

The most significant advancement on the electrical by far was getting ready to hook up the well pump. Longtime followers of this blog might recall that once upon a time I had a very nice Teel 120V 11-stage well pump that had served us well for many years, but it was burned up by the stucco crews and replaced with a new Flotec 230V model back in September. Since then, Colleen has been keeping very tight control of the well pump hookups, occasionally connecting up the small 20-gallon pressure tank and control box that her grandfather and I had installed years ago when folks needed a supply of water. It's worked well enough.

We're now at the point where the electricians are ready to hook up the well pump to the house system (since we have the power functional now) but that immediately brought a query from them--what is the amperage draw of the new pump? While they know it's a 230V system they need to know what the amperage draw will be so they can be sure that they have wiring and such sized appropriately. As it happens, Colleen didn't know the amperage draw, and I hadn't left any documents up there for them to look at, so they gave her a task to give to me to find out the number before they proceed (I did--it's 8.5 amps). Fair enough; at least tomorrow we should be able to get the water hooked up and working with the 80-gallon house pressure tank, and then the plumbers can test all of their fixtures and whatnot.

There was a second issue that cropped up as well regarding thermostat location. A few months ago when Electrician Brett was installing the bulk of the house wiring, he carefully set up thermostat control wiring for the radiant-heat system to hook up to in various locations around the house. We've got one controlling each "complex" manifold, and that makes for a total of 6 thermostats in various locations (computer room tower, library, guest bedrooms, kitchen and great-room area, master-bedroom wing, and the apartment). The only problem is that the electricians were staring the thermostat installation process now that the radiant-heat system is operating--and they can only find 5 sets of control wires.

Where the heck was the other thermostat supposed to go? Where's its wiring?

So in addition to my well pump tasking, I've been asked to look back over our older snapshots and see if I can spot the wiring. The specific one that we're missing is for the library area, and I think it's somewhere along the wall between the library area and the media room. It's possible that we moved it over to the far wall by the windows, but I think that's unlikely; it would be a shorter run if it were along the other wall and closer to the utility room (and the radiant-heat boiler) to boot. Hopefully, I'll figure it out tonight; in the meantime they're going to consult with Electrician Brett (not on site today) to see if he remembers. 

(It definitely was simpler to figure these kinds of things out when we only had the framing up, but that's what progress brings ya.)

Let's see, what else? We have two bad light fixtures (broken glass straight from Lowe's); these are track lights that go into the large area between the kitchen and the master bedroom. Nobody can seem to find the media room step lights (really neat LED panels that will help keep folks from stepping off things in the dark) though everybody agrees that they were actually purchased. Colleen and Jesse have been doing a ton of light brushwork painting around the already-installed cabinets and whatnot in an attempt to get nail holes and such properly covered up, and I'm frustrated that I have yet another lightbulb order that I need to go fill (providing lightbulbs with light fixtures seems to be a quaint, old-fashioned thing nowadays).

And that's about it, I think. Only 7 days to go on the old schedule but 17 on the new one--either way, it's a race!

Amazing how quickly the house is changing every single day though... absolutely amazing!

Steven in Colorado Springs


Nice shot of one of the guest bathroom vanities.
Shot of the half bath downstairs just off the kitchen.
The tile in the master bathroom is just about complete.

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