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Gabriela in Readington Twp, NJ's Journal Entries

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Posted by Gabriela in Readington Twp, NJ on 11/27/2008

In the passed several weeks we've been going through rough-in inspections, and are so pleased to report we finally passed the very last (most important one) - FRAMING!

The progress consisted of:

* Passed Inspection: Plumbing rough-in (11/14/2008)
* Passed Inspection: Fire rough-in (11/13/2008)
* Passed Inspection: Electrical rough-in (11/17/2008)
* Passed Inspection: Electrical service (11/7/2008)
* Passed Inspection: Framing (11/20/2008)
* Installed 1,000-gallon propane tank in ground (11/20/2008)
* Passed Inspection: Propane-tank installation and pressure test (11/21/2008)
* Began insulation (11/24/2008)

We certainly had some bumps in the road with our electrical inspections as previously shared. Additionally, we encountered an issue with the framer missing notes in our architectural plans indicating the TGIs were to be tripled up every four feet (especially under tiled flooring). He met with our architect to discuss possible alternatives to the tripling requirement, but no dice. The architect was unwilling to budge on his requirements, therefore it turns out the framer had to install 18 more TGIs both under the first-floor (kitchen area) and second-floor laundry/bath areas to address the issue. He successfully installed these despite having electrical wires of all types in his way. He carefully removed wires, installed the TGIs and replaced the wires accordingly, allowing us to pass inspection with flying colors last Thursday!

We also cracked the propane-tank mafia code and found a company in Pennsylvania willing to sell us our own tank and deliver, install, and pressure-test it!!! Propane-price shopping - here I come! I ordered our kitchen cabinets as well. I will try and scan some renditions of the layout. I also ordered the chandeliers for our home all from the same collection: Minka Lavery Camden throughout, and Minka Lavery Europa in brushed nickel for our bathrooms. I found '' to be most willing to give bulk pricing, no tax, and free shipping to NJ! Yippee for victory! The stucco was delayed these past two weeks because of the unseasonably FREEZING weather, but they worked well into the night yesterday and are planning to come back tomorrow to finish the scratch coat and let that set for two days. The next week promises milder weather and upcoming color selections to be made. I am opting for a taupe stucco color with a darker taupe/light brown border for our windows and doors. The color palette from Parex is just beautiful with many complementary colors to work with our stone selection (Heritage Bucktown by Eldorado/Stonecraft).

We need to find a gutter guy ASAP because the installation needs to happen as soon as the stucco is complete; otherwise bad weather will begin to stain our new exterior. We are also trying to track down 260 ft. of cable, phone and electrical wire in preparation for a utility trench we plan to have dug between the pole in the road and our new home. We will be direct burying the wire ourselves and going for trench inspection before JCPL will turn on the power for a small ($508) fee, of course. That cracks me up - if you want to have power from their pole and pay for it, you must dig your own trench, install your own wire in the trench, leaving enough on both ends to go up the pole and into the house, and pay them to turn it on, so you can continue paying them forever. That is another racket, if I might say so!

Picking tile will be the bane of my existence for the next several weeks, as will selecting a color palette for the whole house (room to room). I want to be ready once the walls go in. As for garage doors, I've been going back and forth between wanting three-panel doors (larger windows on the top panel) and actually affording four-panel doors with smaller windows. Can you believe three-panel doors come out to $1,400 more? I can't justify the cost, even though they are prettier. Pictures to follow later today. Thanks for sticking with me and reading on as we progress. It's so inspiring to know we've had more than 1,200 visits to this journal since we started this awesome journey!

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