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Posted by Gabriela in Readington Twp, NJ on 9/25/2008

Our basement and garage floors were poured last Thursday (Sept. 18th). It took approximately 34 yards of concrete for both, which meant three-plus trucks - this also did our front porch area! Challenges abound however - our main staircase was delivered without protective covering (not sure why). This was installed on Friday and looks great - my poor hubby had to wrap it in plastic sheathing and then make treads out of plywood to place over it, so we can still have a nice staircase when all the construction is complete. On other fronts, I was so proud of my master-bath-ordering prowess, too bad it's too big for our space. I initially went with the Lasco 7242 tub, but since it's a rectangle, framing closer to it is out of the question. Fortunately, our framer alerted me to the issue immediately and I was able to cancel the initial order and now have the 7042 (oval) on its way. It will take until Oct. 21st to arrive, but I feel loads better about still having a big tub that will fit the space. All our plumbing faucets, fixtures and valves have arrived and are beautiful. I ordered everything online at and am very happy with their quality and timely shipping. (Jessica Roll there is SPECTACULAR to work with and was even willing to give us additional discounts because we are ordering our whole house from them).

Our plumber and HVAC guys both started promptly at 7 AM Monday morning. They seem to have negotiated how not to interfere with each others piping, tubing and ductwork quite well. We have since been surrounded by PVC and round-insulated ductwork throughout the home. Finding appropriate spots in our floors to have air supplies and returns placed was a bit challenging, but fortunately Dave is quite accommodating and listened closely to my concerns about furniture placement in relation to everything else.

Our basement staircase is being made and I booked our fireplace installer to come out and start installations tomorrow. The front door has also been installed but does not appear to be very flush or square? I have the lumberyard rep coming out to look at it and advise what can be done to remediate the situation. He will also be measuring for interior doors and trim - exciting part coming up! Our tray ceiling in our master bedroom was also framed this past week and look absolutely grand! We passed our second bank inspection for progress and received our second draw of monies - so far we seem to be staying ahead of paying subs and managing budgets pretty tightly. Hoping to keep up that pace throughout the project, but it is an accounting reconciliation challenge that's occupying a good deal of my spare time.

Next week's goals include finalizing electrical fixtures, so I can place those orders. We also must continue the bidding wars on stone/stucco, house wiring (including alarm, Cat5, central vac, surround sound and telephone/TV), insulation and sheetrock. I probably really need to finalize the kitchen layout and order the cabinets soon (since those will take about 12-15 weeks to come in).

Pictures to follow later today, hopefully.


Garage slab
Basement slab
Top front step
Powder-room plumbing
Front door delivered
HVAC invasion
Front door and backordered window in
Door installed out of Square!
Main staircase in
Gas fireplace living room
Wood burning fireplace family room

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