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I have just finished The Owner-Builder Book. Very good read. It inspired what I already felt like I could do.
Mary Beth in Dublin, OH

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Posted by Eric in Seaville, NJ on 2/18/2008

Now some of the specifics. I decided to use as many items that were energy efficient as possible to combat future energy price increases. I put in Anderson 400 series high performance windows. I used R-30 in all exterior walls as well as between the basement/first/second floors, and R-19 for all interior walls (mostly for sound abatement). I decided on the Wirsbo Quik Trak radiant heat system because of the ease of installation relative to other methods, as well as ease of service, if needed. I put it on 14 different zones so that nothing would need to be used if not necessary.

Every room has a ceiling fan, as does the first floor covered porch. I wired the entire house for surround sound, security, heat and CO2 sensors. The house has crown molding throughout as well as oversized trim.  

Every room has either custom tile or wood flooring. There is no carpet in the house other than area rugs. Makes it easier to pick up the dog hair!

Kitchen was my best deal to date! Price quote for comparable including built-ins, etc., was $65,000. I had everything made in Lancaster County, PA (Amish) for $26,800! The quality is incredible by comparison, and I was able to have every vanity (6), the bar, entertainment center, both laundry rooms and the cabinets done for that price!!! Huge savings and the guys are so nice to deal with.

Next up is the stone, thin brick and limestone for the front of the house and entry steps. Tomorrow he is going to pour the garage floor. He didn't want it to get beat up by all the contractors, so that's why it is going in so late.

My other favorite is the copper turret in the front of the house over the play room. Not a great bargain, but it really sets off the look of the house. My wife's favorite is the recess for the dog bowls (pic below).

More pics!


Copper turret
Drywall taped
Dog bowl recess
Wirsbo Quik Trak radiant heat

Posted by Grant in Blacksburg, VA on 8/10/2008
2008, 2009 Merit Award Winner

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Image from Grant's blog


Would you mind sharing contact information for your custom cabinet guy?



Posted by Jade in Fairfax, VA on 2/19/2011

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I'm impressed with the savings you made on the custom cabinetry. Would you mind sharing their contact info?
Posted by Eric in Seaville, NJ on 2/21/2011

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Image from Eric's blog
Hi, Sorry for the delay. The name of my cabinet builder is Levi Esh from Hensel Road Woodworks, Kinzers, PA 17535-9746. His number is 717-442-8720. To date, we have referred five people to him and all five have hired him. I just can't say enough about the guy. The price was incredible and the work speaks for itself. I strongly recommend him.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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