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Posted by Jack in Trumann, AR on 6/28/2007

As you can see from the photos, my house is growing taller. When I went home today for lunch, the framers had probably 75% of the rafters up. They still have a gable to add on the back of the house and there is also a gazebo-type roof on the back over the family room, but progress is being made. The framer thinks they'll begin laying roof decking by tomorrow, but I'm not sure about that. If not tomorrow, they probably will be doing so by Monday, I'm sure. He thinks it will take three days to deck the roof, at which point all they'll lack is finishing up the loose ends such as framing for the soffit and the odds and ends that they didn't quite complete on the inside. He thinks they will be completely finished by the end of next week. Personally, I think it will probably flow over into the week after though. Regardless, I'm almost in the dry. Things will start slowing way down after that, though.

On the financial side, I ended up taking my first draw week before last, I believe it was. For me, that was a painless experience (I'm sure I'll feel it once I have to start paying it back though!). I called the loan officer, told him how much I needed and the draw was made. I made it roughly two months without taking a draw, so I was fairly pleased with myself; all my walls were up by then. Since then, I made a small draw last week and then another large one today. I'm expecting two more invoices, one to cover the remainder of the concrete that went into the storm shelter and the other for floor decking and possibly my roof decking as well.

I don't recall if I mentioned it, but I chose to go with Advantech floor decking, and I'm glad I did. It was between Advantech and Sturd-I-Floor for me; Sturd-I-Floor was $17/sheet at the local lumberyard that I've been using, and Advantech was $22/sheet. However, I called around and another vendor just 10 miles away had Advantech for $18/sheet, so I went with them for the decking (free delivery). Several people had told me that Advantech holds up better and I saw firsthand that it does indeed; I compared the two in another house that is being built here locally that used a lot of Sturd-I-Floor but some Advantech too. After getting wet, the Advantech is still smooth and looks as good as it did when it was purchased, but the Sturd-I-Floor strand edges have started curling up, making it rough.

I also decided to use radiant-heat barrier roof decking on my house. That's the OSB with an aluminum foil backing on it. There are several brands of the stuff, Solarboard and TechShield are the two I'm most familiar with. By all accounts, it is a good product that will considerably reduce the heat in your attic. Once my roof is decked, I should be able to tell if it works or not; but I'm sure it does.

I guess that is it for now; I've got to go watch my oldest play baseball. Enjoy the pictures!

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