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Posted by Trukor on 8/17/2020 1:30:11 AM

Fatal consequences due to truck overloading

Trucks come with various shapes and size particularly the deck length that determines the total weight capacity it can hold on the run. While your truck is truly a mean machine which refuses to slow down despite a heavy run, you are required to maintain it immaculately for the long haul transportation services, keeping it safe and secure for continuous operations.

Although your trucks can pull more weight than officially prescribed, rampant overloading of the trucks is a poor choice to maintain its health together with the drivers’ safety. However, overloading trucks is a rampant problem faced by the logistics industry which leads to unsafe operations and can cause fatal injuries, often leading to deaths. National road transport statistics prove that overloaded trucks are among the leading causes of truck accidents.

Moreover, cargo on overloaded trucks is more likely to shift during transit causing improper distribution of weight. This has a potential risk of rollover if the truck needs to change the lane or take a sudden turn. This risk due to improper loading however can be attributed to any vehicle whether overloaded or not. Expert drivers learn about the emergency handling capabilities of a truck due to their experience, which is also reduced due to overloading, causing accidents. For example, the braking pattern changes due to overweight, causing drivers to misjudge braking distances that might cause fatal accidents.

We give you the major impact overloading your truck can cause:

·        Accident risk: While overloading truck violates RTA regulations across states in India, it is the high potential accident risks that it carries is a cause of major worry. Shifting of cargo at the top due to overweight causes the truck to turn turtle on the highway causing a fatal pileup of vehicles. Additionally, the braking pattern can also change due to overweight causing misjudgment by the drivers to stop the vehicle at a certain distance.

·        It can cause strain on leaf-spring: Truck manufacturers design each of their trucks for different purposes. There are trucks for hauling soft loads, agricultural loads, machinery loads and other such loads that are specific to their verticals. Trucks are built o carry heavier loads than passenger cars and for this reason most trucks are installed with leaf-springs at the suspension to support such heavy weight. Overloading your truck puts added pressure on its suspension making it challenging for the drivers to steer the vehicle. Overloading also puts the leaf springs at a greater risk of blowing out that can lead to the turning of the vehicle. While this may be a result of continued overloading of the trucks, the leaf springs start to wear out from the day 1 of overloading of the truck and make them less effective for absorbing shocks and distributing equal weight that can cause major accidents.

·        Increase in maintenance cost: Needless to mention, overloading not only shortens the truck’s service, it also increases the maintenance cost. Overloading is the number 1 cause of increase in operations costs due to unscheduled maintenance on your fleet. Unreasonable increase in the payload not only disturbs the weight distribution but can also result in personal injuries which might turn out to be fatal in some cases. Consistent overloading of the truck can create unsafe situations and changes the integrity of the vehicle putting pressure on its maintenance. The braking systems, suspension systems and the steering system are error prone due to overweight and the first systems to be affected causing heavy maintenance expenditure.

Before you put out your truck for operations, transporters first need to know just how much weight your truck can haul. The class of your truck can give you a rough idea about its capacity – lesser than 1 ton, 1 ton, 3 MT, 5 MT and higher. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the total amount of the weight prescribed that a truck can safely carry which is inclusive of the cargo, people and fuel.

Curb weight is the total weight of the truck which includes fuel without cargo and people. To determine the total payload capacity of a truck, you need to deduct the curb weight from the Gross Vehicle Weight. The specifications in the owner’s manual clearly give the curb weight and the maximum gross weight the truck can safely carry. Always check the manufacturer’s Gross Weight and Curb Weight specifications since all individual trucks have a different payload capacity.

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Posted by Cesar in New York, AL on 8/24/2020

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