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Posted by Getpest in Delhi, IN on 6/17/2020 10:10:23 AM

Pests are really hard to get rid of, especially when you are planning to do it yourself. DIY pest control is tough and daunting task that require skills and knowledge too. Of course, you can try to remove pests from your house by yourself, but hiring professional exterminators or a pest control company can help you get the effective results. If you still want to do it yourself then here’s know how can do it yourself to kill and remove pests from your home: -

Use Pesticides

At market you will find several household pesticides that help in controlling pest infestation at home. You will find different pesticides for different pests, and these are quite easy to use also. You just have to read the label carefully then spray it on the affected areas in your home. The pests are expert in hiding, so you will have to spray the chemicals at all the possible areas, where the pests are hidden. Kitchen sink, washroom, ceiling, behind the cupboards, etc. are the common places for the pests to hide themselves. But, one thing that you need to understand while buying and using the pesticide is that you must know you are buying the right pesticide and using it in the right way as instructed on the label of the product.

Other ways to kill pests

Well, using the pesticides is not only the way to get rid of bugs. Yes, there are many home remedies that you can use for rodent control, cockroach control, etc. Let’s see some other ways to remove or kill the pests: -

If you are facing ant problem in your house then you can kill or remove them naturally. For this you will need sugar, warm water and borax powder. Water should be warm enough to dissolve sugar. Now take warm water, add half cup sugar and two spoon of borax in bowl and mix them well. Now, put cotton balls into the mixture and place it everywhere you have seen ants marching. Due to the sugar, ants will carry the small balls to their nest, and the borax will kill off the colony after sometime. But, keep the cotton balls from the reach of your children.

Get rid of the cockroaches with the paste of boric acid. Just take 3 teaspoon of boric acid and 3 teaspoon of sugar and mix it well with 3 teaspoon of water and make a thick paste. You can now apply the paste on all the areas where you have seen the cockroaches crawling. When the cockroaches will eat the paste and carry it to their nest, it will not only kill them but also the other who are in the nest.

You know you can do this but this will not give you a permanent solution. You can keep the bugs out for a few days but not for a longer time. If you want to get rid of them completely then call the best pest control company and get a permanent solution.

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