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Lance in Buena Vista, CO0.002

This site has been an invaluable resource. Through the community on the boards, and the books and other resources available here, I have been been pointed in the right direction.
Mike in Garden Grove, CA

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Posted by Justin in Santa Clarita, CA on 1/16/2020 10:58:59 PM

This journal entry is for those of us who ex-flippers turned landlords.  Are there any other owners who rent out properties that they have built? My real estate company recently completed construction on an apartment complex. My group's initial intention was to sell the units either individually or as a whole due to the fact that we are located in a very hot market. However, we are now looking into the option of holding onto the units long term and creating cash flow via rent. Thus I was tasked with the chore of assembling a team of contractors whom I could rely on, from plumbers, to electrical contractors, handymen, and of course a property manager. My real estate agent connected me with a property manager who is also a handyman at santa clarita electrician, so that helped to eliminate 2 birds with 1 stone.  More on that later.  With my team assembled, it was now time to find a tenant and start bringing in that cash flow. I had my agent take care of tenant screening and background checks.  Like I said - my group's initial intention was to sell off these units, and now we are set to start enjoying a passive income stream. This is going to be an interesting journey.

My Construction Website

Posted by Electrician Rochester MN in Rochester, MN on 1/17/2020

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My Construction Website

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Flipping and buy-and-hold are two completely different strategies. One counts on building equity, while the other is based on cash flow. My company prefers the cash flow model, however I do have many colleagues who have made a pretty penny buying low and selling high (flipping). It's great that you found a property manager who also doubles as an electrical contractor and handyman. That combination of skills is extremely useful in this industry of construction and home improvement. Specifically, when it comes to electric issues, if you do not have any training or experiencing working with electrical components, please do not attempt to fix the issue yourself. Many DIY’ers end up making the problem worse, which results in a more costly and expensive issue that can cause serious or even fatal injury. Please do not risk the safety of your home, your health, or your family’s well being. Reach out to a professional technicians for help. So it would be a good idea to keep your handyman at santa clarita electrician updated when it comes to any wiring or lighting issues on your property. You will have confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your home and your safety are in the very best hands. Whether you need a ceiling fan installed, hot tub lighting, security system installed, or complete home rewiring, they will get the job done quickly.
Posted by Chris on 1/23/2020

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Thanks for this, mate. Im planning to have my own construction business. Hope I can be as successful as you.
Posted by Lucille on 2/4/2020

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Sounds interesting enough; township online maybe I'll watch out for this.
Posted by Joshua in Los Angeles, AL on 2/7/2020

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I will must share this blog and the information i found here really has no value in money but more than it. Thanks for this nice effort which you put here in the shape of this post. our site

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