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I really enjoy your website, and have referred several people to it (don't know if they have used it or not, but I have at least mentioned it).
Kevin Hall

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Posted by My Electrician Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI on 1/14/2020 5:37:35 PM

Coming from an electrical engineering background, I knew my way around wiring and lighting fixtures. However I was a complete newb when it came to actually running the business of owning property. I was plugged into the electrical contractor network, and I had a bunch of contacts that could help me with any household repair & rehab issue. For example, when my electric panel blew out and I needed a new one, I called my buddies over at electrician grand rapids . They helped me replace the panel with a newer model, which counted as a repair & an upgrade, all in one job. Now came the task of payroll and billing. Like I mentioned earlier, I am not so sharp when it comes to business, so even though I knew these guys for years, how much would I have to pay them? Was their quote too high? I wasn't sure, since I didn't shop around. I just called these guys since we knew each other from trade school. Or was their quote too low? In any case, I hopped on my phone and did a search for various electrical jobs and the corresponding rates. I found out they were actually giving me a great rate! Maybe because we were friends. Either way, I opted to tip them generously to make up for the lower rate. After all, they did a great job installing and upgrading my panel.  

In my next entry, I will share how manage contractors when doing full gut rehabs on my investment properties. Renovating a flip can take months of ongoing work. How do I ensure that contractors stick to schedule and avoid going over budget? There is great lesson I learned from my mentor, and I will be sharing it in my next post.

My Construction Website

Posted by heather on 1/17/2020

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The contribution by other readers is a clear indication of the impact the blog has. Keep it up for polished concrete tulsa
Posted by Justin in Santa Clarita, CA on 1/17/2020

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My Construction Website

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Thank you for the insight! Our Grand Rapids electricians have grown into one of the leading teams in the region. We have nurtured a long list of happy customers who continue to return to us for quality work. This is a direct result of the way we approach our projects - with the customer’s complete satisfaction in mind. We provide full transparency and will keep you up to date each and every step of the way, from start to finish, so you know that every specific detail has been taken care of.  From advanced energy efficient lighting controls to charging stations for electric cars, we approach the job with our vast experience, skills, and expertise, and deliver unparalleled results in a friendly and professional manner. At electrician grand rapids , we are proud of our customer support and commitment to excellence. Our licensed electrical contractors have the extensive knowledge and experience to troubleshoot and solve any of your issues, and recommend further solutions to prevent any additional problems down the road. With us, you can rest easy knowing you are in great hands. We guarantee quality results and professional work that is done right first time.
Posted by Horea on 1/22/2020

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You have done such a flawless job and you are the best, just like the   seo services here in our place. Had been following couple of posts in here and you are all awesome.
Posted by Horea on 1/22/2020

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Also, this is truly relevant and it should have gotten some recognition. If also given a chance to stand my new home, I would also consider this first choice.
Posted by Chris on 1/23/2020

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He clearly did a great job there! Nice one, man. air conditioner repair columbia sc

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