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Posted by Mohammad in Hyderabad, AL on 1/13/2020 1:57:08 AM

It beckons us to pursue in the direction of reading interior design magazines which most of us tend to subscribe to constantly looking for trends. We also get into searching for websites and various blogs to follow current trends and like what we see there. But in practicality, when we really want to design our home, we are never too sure of which style to choose given a multitude of styles available in the concept of interior design.

The photographs that we see encourage us to leaf through more pages to identify the designs that classify our own style which we desire to replicate in our home. But could we really replicate the same styles that we see in books and websites in our own homes? Interior design styles are unique to individual choices and tastes which become easier to consume when we learn the basics of interior design and styles.

Hiring a professional interior designer evades your budget, you always have a hope to do-it-yourself. The key to designing and successfully implementing it is to know that this is a process by itself. Because you are not a professional at it, you must take it step-by-step. And luckily, given the multitude of books, blogs and websites on interior designing, you are spoilt for choice to find designing help. We however present you a guide to do-it-yourself:

Self-education: Educate yourself first before you start to design your home all by yourself. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, you should subscribe to interior design magazine at least six months prior to the commencement of your design. You may end up spending only about two hundred rupees per month, but it is worth it. Builders and designers in India regularly host fairs and exhibitions displaying their product that you may want to visit and learn.

Visualize the space: You should not work for your entire home at a single time and should take one room at a time. Try to visualize how a room will look when you have given it a certain style. Your living room is different from your bedroom and therefore the visual appeal too differs. When you have decided on a certain style that becomes the central theme of the house. All designs and patterns in the house should reinforce this message, which otherwise you will have jumbled up elements that make it appear gaudy. If you are moving into a new home, we advise you to live in the space for a few months to visualize how you new space is going to be once designed.

Set aside a budget: Before you start to design a chosen style, make a budget for your new home since you need to pay up for the new design eventually while you may have loved your design. Set a plan to shop for the material at less expensive places and ensure you get the dealer discount for the material you buy. Impulsive buying can help you buy art pieces, but this approach need not be sustained although it can be an effective beginning. Prepare a list of material you will need for the entire home, which includes plywood, laminates, wood, metal and paint. Get an estimate for the stuff and start calculating the total cost of decorating your dream home.

Play with colors: Be bold on colors and don’t be afraid of trying out different colors. Colors are powerful to make an appeal that can make small rooms appear large. Take time to think about what color suits your space before selecting a central theme for colors. Go through the books that you have subscribed to give you the right guidance to select the color theme.

Get help: It is now that you need to get help from the professionals even if it is for a short consultation. While you may never know, the staff at the materials stores too come from interior design background and may provide you with valuable tips. They may even give you an option to come over to your home to provide the right tips. While this may by a temporary means of guidance, we advise you to hire a professional interior designer for at least 2 hours per day for 7 days.

Lastly, you must learn to design your space that is flexible enough to dismantle and moved in case of your relocation. The space should be so designed that eighty percent of it should dismantled with ease and moved by professional Packers and Movers to the next destination. While you may need expert services to dismantle your design, if you search a mile extra for the experts, you may find professional Movers and Packers in Navi Mumbai too that give you the dismantling service.


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Posted by Bruce on 5/13/2020

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Posted by Pro Kitchen Remodeling WPB on 5/17/2020

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