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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 5/12/2018 2:40:54 AM

Made a call to Santa Fe for a final electrical inspection.  I’m wrapping up several unfinished items in prep for that.  Finally got the chandeliers in the stairwell done.  That was not much fun, but it is very good to see all four of them work as designed with three and four way switches at different floors and that no shorts were created when the sheetrock was installed!

But spreaking of shorts, a chandelier in the bunk room bath is shorting after I installed it today.  Was a PITA to put in, and now I’ve got to find the short.  Wasit created during installation or is it in the fixture itself? :-(

Installed many of the handrails yesterday. Will install the rest over the weekend.  Pretty easy job once I had them cut to length and created the returns.  Simply lay down in place on the brackets and screw to the bracket.  Still painting the steel sections as weather (wind) permits.  A slow process with 25 sections to do, but it doesn’t need paint for a CO, so it’s kind of a side job as the paint takes time to dry.

Will hopefully begin getting the water heater connections moved along.  Last fittings were delivered this week, but I was so close to electrical that I thought I’d try to get that done and gone.

Sandra’s gone for another week so doors and trim are stagnant but that will change when she gets back in a week.

Started shopping for homeowner’s insurance as we’ve only had builders risk, or course of construction, up till now.  A bit disheartening when I saw some of the quotes come in, but finally, it looks like something reasonable has started to take shape.

Oh! And got a call from our telecom provider.  They’ll be out bright and early on Monday to make the final connections to the fiber that was installed what seems like an eternity ago when we laid it with the electric service.  Wasn’t an issue on their part, we just haven’t been ready for it until now.  Another sign we are closing in on the end!

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