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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 9/9/2017

So now that I've double checked that everything is all level all the way around I could seal things up around the threshold.

First up I had to put back on door sweep on the right hand door though.  It was pretty easy, though in retrospect I really should have put it on before locking down the door last week.  I'd left it off to ensure that things were properly level before putting the door back up (I was worried the rubber under the door in the sweep might have deformed and thrown off the measurements).  Fortunately there's a pretty large tile area in front of the door so there wasn't anything blocking getting the threshold back on.  

Next I selected a nice silicone sealant that worked well enough, but when I checked the tube I saw there wasn't near enough for the entire door.  I knew I'd bought more, but I had to spend the next hour and a half (not kidding) looking for it.  I finally found them behind some boxes I'd moved about a month ago; they'd fallen off  and apparently got covered up.  It was driving me nuts because I knew  I had some!

So after a couple of solid hours of cleaning and stacking stuff while looking for these tubes of sealant (hey, at least things got a little cleaned up as a result!) I got back to sealing.  I took my time, making sure nothing blew into the sealant there wouldn't be any leaves or bugs or anything like that to be preserved for eternity.

So it's all sealed and done now, and I plan to leave it sitting right there and leaving it totally alone for the next week.  The sealant says it sets in about an hour but there's not really any direct sunlight on that door so I figured I'd take it safe.  Besides I can't really work on it during the work week anyway.....

Glad I got that part done at least!

Steven in Colorado


That threshold looks nice and purty.
Door still shows a good seal all around; you can see two of the set screws at the top left and right around the frame.

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