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I won the Forum prize? No way!! That's SO awesome!! You guys ROCK! :) Talk about making someone's day! Great to hear about the tickets on Southwest, I love them too. Keep up the good work on the site, guys!!
Baine Thomas

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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 10/31/2017 10:08:04 AM

Yeah, I know I said earlier that I was going to get the furnaces up and running, but the bad weather that was supposed to keep me indoors, never showed up and we continued to get things done outside.  But yesterday, with a front moving in I sat down, and did the final electrical connections, hooked in the thermostat wire and turned them by manually making a “heat on” connection on the Tstat wire [we just now ordered thermostats].  Everything fired up fine and we’ll get the Tstats connected when they arrive.

Went to Big Blue on Saturday to get the remainder of the redwood I needed to finish the railings and get some BX cable to make the final electrical run on the furnaces. They are considerably closer than Home Depot, but what a mistake! What they had was never kiln-dried and was soaking wet, but we bought it anyway as it saved an hour and a half over going the HD.  But now we are going to have to let it dry indoors before we can stain it and put them together.  In hindsight spending the extra time to go to HD would have allowed us to be more productive.

Landscaper is getting closer to finishing his project, but still has a few days left.  They are supposed to start snow making on the mountain tomorrow, weather permitting, so he needs to move along and finish the backside as there are 2 snow machines right there.

Sandra’s been busy, painting a few doors, cleaning the windows on the stairwell up 45 feet on the Skytrak and figuring out tile requirements and getting it ordered. It is a ton of tile - maybe literally. Closet assemblies are to arrive today.  A total of 45 boxes.  Thta UPS truck will have to be dedicated to us.  Waiting on two fireplaces.  They may arrive as well today, but not certain.  Flooring is in production, but will still take several weeks to get finished and shipped.  We got the cabinet quote back and will place the order for those in a couple days.  


Good thing Sandra’s not afraid of heights or the windows would never get clean!
Stopped by the river[Rio Grande] on the way back from Lowe’s to let the dog run. Beautiful fall day!
Landscaping now coming around the side of the house to the front

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