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I used The O-B Book as my guide every step of the way - and it convinced me that I could easily project manage (general contract) the building, but that we did not have the time and energy to really do almost any of the actual work.
Karla in Silver Springs, NV

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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 9/21/2017 8:46:47 AM

So the landscaper hadn't shown up for a few days.  Got in contact with him and it turns out he had emergency surgery.  Will be out of commission for 6 weeks.  Nothing on this build has gone smoothly.  Obviously, the fellow couldn't help this, but it shows just how quickly things can turn.  I'm going to have to hire someone else to clear the area for the propane tank and dig the hole for the hot tub.  I'll give the excavator a call this morning.

Meanwhile the rock guy is back this week working on the window sills.  They are coming out pretty nicely. He might be done by Friday if the weather holds.  Sandra is moving along on painting.  We've had an issue with the sprayer in that it is not putting out a uniform pattern.  There are two heavier streaks along each side.  We've thinned, gone to a larger nozzle, cleaned and recleaned everything, but we can't get it fixed.  So it's been a combination of spray the first coat, roll over it while wet, and roll the second coat.  

The trim for the garage door has been stained and sealed and I hope to begin work on getting that up soon, as well as the fascia - which due to Sandra deciding to paint, hasn't gotten up.  I can't say she shouldn't paint though as it really has a great mental effect, seeing something that makes such a big change really makes you understand things are getting a bit closer to the end.

The insulation of the attic spaces will be done by a sub.  I have always, always done my own insulation, but this will save three days of time.  One day to haul a large trailer to Santa Fe to pick up the material, one horrendously long day to blow 50 bags, and a third day to retun the equipment.  For an extra $1200 it's done and we can keep doing other things.  In prep for the insulation, I'll be finishing off the last of the ductwork in those areas.  Still waiting on a water heater I ordered weeks ago online, so I can run the intake and exhaust vent for that through the attic, but I did set the air ventilator yesterday and as soon as I pick up some more ducting, will finish that work up there.

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