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At some point I am going to collect my thoughts and really go in to detail about my experience building. I will say this forum was beyond helpful and a great reliever of stress. I will start in reverse and post some of the finished pictures and over time really break it down and cover the whole process!!
Bryan in Reynoldsburg, OH

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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 8/5/2017 2:46:33 AM

The hangers have finished the living spaces and moved into the garage today.  They will finish that in another day and a half.  Tapers ran the third floor today, finished some mud and sanding on the second floor. I assume they'll start the garage after the weekend.  So by the end of next week, they should be finished!  When that's done, I've got to think about painting the garage floor and storeroom.  It may seem simply ridiculous, but it's not that long a job, and it has to be done in warm weather.  We're starting to park cars in there, a couple of which drip a bit of oil.  Would rather protect the floor now, than wait until next year.

Gotten back to running decking this week.  Been thinking that in order to get and occupancy permit, all of the safety things need to be done.  Railings to be specific.  Both on the decks and the stairs.  Inside stuff-baths, floors cabinets can be done in when the weather turns colder.  Decks and railings are better done while it's warm.  And we have the deck material. So among answering questions for the hangers and roofers, we went back to the decks.

But tomorrow, we get pulled off on another job.  In order for the roofer to get the soffit and fascia on the curved section, we need to get the T&G attached to the underside. So we'll attempt that tomorrow around the perimeter using the Skytrak in a not so simple setup.  We'll see. As soon as he finishes the curved section, he's done!

The framer's workers came back today to get the remaining knee braces underneath the exterior timber trusses on the east side.  The two have been in the garage since last fall.  Took less than half a day and really finish off that end of the house. So the framer has finished his obligations.  Slowly getting through the subs.


Great room finally with drywall and tape
Second floor kitchen and great room
Main kitchen which os on the third floor. The ceiling here will be T&G aspen. Hasn't been taped yet in this photo

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