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We are planning to build within the next year. This will be the first of many if everything goes as well as expected. Your book and website keep me pumped; thanks again.
Patti in Salisbury, NC

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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 11/30/2016

The six exterior French doors arrived today. Unfortunately, due to the snow, the truck couldn't make it up the drive, so we had it park about a half mile down the road and we shuttled the doors up two at a time on the trailer. The driver graciously offered to help and without that help they would not have gotten unloaded. The suckers are heavy! Easily as much as the large windows. I tried to help lift the first one, and there was no way. You would think, that after two previous house projects in the past three years and now this one, that I would have built a few more muscles, but it ain't to be, I guess. So Victor, one of the previous framers, and the driver did the honors. We put them in the garage, and I hope that we can get them up to their respective floors next Monday. The weather is supposed to break a bit over the weekend and I'm hoping the decks will be free of snow and ice to facilitate.

Meanwhile, I was back on the electric. I tried to work the 4/0 (thickness of your index finger at its base) wire through a hard right angle box to get it through the wall. There was no way it was going to be easy, and there were at least one more for each service. I gave up and went back to the previous design where the four sets of wires are joined on the outside of the house. This way the wires penetrating the wall are 2/0 (thickness of your pinky) and are easier, not easy, to make tight bends. Just getting the 4/0 wires into the junction box was hell enough! But overall a better way.

Will continue to work on it as materials permit. Some of the things necessary are not readily available in our small town. We'll be heading to Santa Fe on Friday and I'll get things then.


Don't let this fool you. Getting those wires into the box wasn't easy when they are constrained below by the conduit. One more set goes in through the unfinished conduit run and then its time to connect them together in four bundles.
The hammer drill, core bit and pointed chisel used to cut holes for the electric line through the 12" concrete wall.
Holes done

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