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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 9/25/2016

I couldn't think of a decent chapter name on the blog today, so the date will suffice. We are continuing to move towards getting the house ready for dry-in, but things seem to be moving at a snail's pace. Excavator was supposed to start on Monday, now tells me Wednesday. Same old song and dance. All I can think of is that he doesn't takes me seriously on using someone else. If I fire him, then it will take a few days time for the transition, we have to leave town for six days and I wouldn't be around to fully explain the work to the new fellow. I'm in a quandary. I'll discuss it with the framer on Monday to see how much a delay will set him back. He has material to build the decks and that alone will take a week or more, and of course we want the decks up before we try to finish the dry in.

In the meantime, we headed to Albuquerque on Friday to order and pay for the metal roofing as well as pick up a load of 8x8s for the decks. I'm still working on the scratch coat for the stone. Making progress, but slow. The night time temps are close to freezing for the next few days so I can continue to put it on. If it gets back down to the low 20s like it did a week ago, I'll have to stop.

Fermin was to come yesterday but broke down with a failed transmission. Sandra's stone work will come to a halt as she tore a rotator cuff while setting it last week. Poor girl!!! Talk about unexpected setbacks.

Before we head out for the trip, I need to run sewer pipe through the wall at both the second and third levels and put in tees for cleanouts just in case the excavator shows up, backfills and sets the pump tank. Wishful thinking?

On a more pleasant note, the days have been nice, the aspens are changing to their beautiful brilliant yellow and set against the dark green of the evergreens it is such a wonderful sight! While Fall is a precursor to the long winter ahead, it is the prettiest time of year and foe a few short weeks we need to enjoy it.


We set the first windows! Needed to figure how I wanted to trim the outside of the windows with stone, and the framers needed to learn how to set these things. So we set the lowest pair. I still need to put a mullion (post) in between the pair. Later in the day the framers started throwing trash boards from the roof to the trailer below, parked immediately in front of the windows. Yikes! They freaked as well when I yelled up to remind them!
The rafters and sub facia are set on the stairwell
Lath is slowly getting covered with the scratch coat.

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