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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 8/5/2016

Been working 10 and 12 hour days, so a bit hard to get down to the blog when I get home.

This week has simply been awful in terms of weather. It has rained every day. Now the rain here is a bit different in that it isn't measured in inches, but having it soak the site every afternoon is still a pain. Today, I let Fermin, the older fellow who I have working with me, go home shortly after lunch, and paid him for the full day. I was really afraid he wouldn't make it out of the lot as the drive is slick as snot. Even I had a hard time making the corners on the downhill drive with 4WD. The front tires just slide and don't turn you. It'll be great when we get gravel up there, but that'll be a while yet.

But the week has been quite successful! Concrete John and his crew have gotten much of the last floor (for them) up. But they have quite a bit more to do before pouring concrete on Thursday. I'll bet it gets pushed back to Friday unless he can get the rest of his guys up. Included in the pour are footers for the deck posts, and a retaining wall between the right front corner and the excavation wall. One side of that will be pinned into the rock wall, and the forms will have to be trimmed to fit around the jagged surface.

The excavator backfilled the electrical trench and the utility came up today and pulled the high voltage wire through and set the transformer. The electrician will come out next week and set the meter. I'm going to ask if he can run the lines to the house as well instead of setting a temporary. But not sure he can do that at this time. Somewhere my temporary set has disappeared. Been at the site for a couple months, but when I went to look for it today it was gone. Maybe the electrician picked it up on one of his trips up to the site. If not, I'll have to build another one. Damn!

Excavator also got much of the rear wall backfilled up to the third story! We can finally walk out the back door (well the opening where it will be) and step down to soil and walk out to the ski slope. Just as I envisioned it. When Sandra gets back in town, she'll finally see how it turned out. All along she could not figure how it would come together. She'll be blown away at the change! We'll need to get more dirt up there, but it's 90% complete. 

Fermin and I have gotten quite a bit of framing done this week. Nearly all of the second level is complete. We'll finish it up on Monday. I've been laying out the walls while he has been going in putting up the lintels and fire blocking the stud cavities. It takes the both of us to raise the walls up, get them into place with a 5 lb. hammer and plumb them.

My blueprints have been getting wet as I would try to find a dry spot on the floor and kept losing that game. So he came up and said "can I build you a table?" Of course! I was thinking a simple flat table, but he came up with a sloped table like a draftsman's! I was blown away! It's a godsend! 


Backfill reaching the third level finally!!! Remember ther are two stories below.. Remember to double click on the pics
The front of the house with the forms partially up on the third story
Shot of what will be the master bedroom
View out of 1 1/2 of the 6x8' windows across the back of the house
View out of another 6x8' window in the great room. You can see we are at tree top level. What a feeling!
Half of the second level framed. In front is it's great room and kitchen, open concept. The second have is behind me and will be finished Monday
Just a shot of the drive after all the rain we have had. There's 1000 feet of this!
Gotta have a picture of Fermin, my helper. All of probably 110 pounds and he has more energy than someone half his age. He has been running lath on the outside, now framing and will set the stone when it comes in.

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