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It looks as though this site is going to be a great resource as well as an inspiration.
Michael in Uniontown, OH

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/18/2016

It has been a long journey to get the chandelier inside the house. It's literally been over 7 years since we bought it, back in 2009 (wow!)... But it is now properly at home. The antler chandelier is at last INSIDE THE HOUSE.

We'd discovered long ago that we couldn't get the chandelier inside the house via any conventional route. Whether by the existing door (which was a pretty good size), the patio doors, or just through the kitchen entry from the garage, it was just too big (too wide really) to fit. After our last attempt in which we pretty badly scuffed up the existing drywall around the old door, I decided that the time had come for more drastic measures. I never really liked that door and its flanking windows anyway, so I figured the time had come to get what I really wanted. The new door is a fancier double-wide job that was finally moved into the house early this year. As folks know I was then just getting higher priority things done (the new battery stack) before turning my attention to it.

So after the preliminaries the other day, I set my mind in earnest to the task today. I had managed to remove the windows and the framing around everything the other day, discovering to my astonishment that there was no insulation at all in there (incompetent fools). I hadn't however removed the sections of the wall the windows sat on, nor the major framing around the door itself, so that was today's task.

The under-window sections went quickly enough and I did make an interesting discovery in the process -- at least they put insulation in those! That gives me hope there's insulation up in the header above the door as well at least--I had wondered after discovering there was nothing around the doors or windows.

Taking the framing out however was a lot of work. Looking at them I couldn't be 100% sure they weren't load-bearing, so I dug up some older pics from the construction of the house to see how the whole thing was put together. Turned out I was right... They used the six 2x6s more for strength than support--it's a heavy door. I also noted to my glee that the door frame was in place for months after the concrete was poured without those being there--another indication that they were for the door and not the wall. So after a few tries with my Sawzall, which turned out to be remarkably ineffective (I seemed to have a very hard time holding it in place), I just went and got my little chainsaw--and that did the trick!

With the framing all down we had to disassemble the porch railing so we could host the chandelier up and onto the porch, but that only took about an hour. 

As of this writing it is finally sitting inside, nearly under where it needs to go, and looks downright gorgeous. Getting it up to the ceiling is a Winter 2016 project (don't need good weather to do that so it can wait), but the important thing is that it is inside.

Tomorrow I'll clean up the mess we made and at least tack in the new door frame. If things go well I might even be able to up the new door but I'm not in any hurry--I want to do this right, not fast.

Very, very pleased we've reached this milestone!

Steven in Colorado


This is a picture from the construction of the house, when they were putting together the framing for the door. That framing was just toed in top and bottom to provide support for the door -- yay!
A shot of one of the windows showing again the absolute lack of any kind of insulation in there. Grrrr........
Hey, insulation under this window...
...and insulation under the other! Remarkable.
The chandelier, inside the house where it belongs!

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