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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 7/5/2016

Yes, it was one of those days when there is a lot of activity but nothing really shows! Framer and his crew came up and began laying out the sill plate. There is some unevenness to the concrete ledge as usual, and they'll have to shim it up a bit here and there. I drilled holes for the anchors that needed to be inserted and we got the Simpson anchor screws in, so no cutting of traditional bolts and epoxying them in!

I began laying out the elevator shaft on the slab, and once I get the final height of the sill in the morning, will go and build that. There are shorter trusses that hang off the front of the shaft.

Trusses made it to the address but the truck and trailer couldn't negotiate the driveway. So it was offloaded at the street, and the lumberyard sent a smaller truck over. With Concrete John's Skytrak, huge extendable fork lift, the smaller truck was loaded. Three trips and they were up.

Excavator Kyle returned and nearly finished the electric trench. But, would you know, nothing is easy at this site. He ran into a ledge of rock about a third of the way. About two feet thick and continues across the trench in both directions. He'll get a jackhammer from Taos, and bust it loose. Shouldn't take too long. Nothing is ever straight forward. He did get all of the rest of it dug. Electrician dropped off the conduit and ran it as far as the rock. Not sure when we'll actually get power, but the framer has a generator so we can run that way to keep moving.

Although it's only around 80F, the intense sun and the reflection off of the ICFs is tough to deal with. Really wears you out. And I need to remember to use sunscreen. That reflection gets around the hat I'm wearing. I'll try to start early morning as best I can. But without power to the site I have to wait for the framers to arrive if I am doing anything like sawing or drilling.


Floor trusses, all 64 of them
Electric trench and conduit. Trench is five feet deep.

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