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My wife is so excited, this process (so far) has really been a hoot. This site and its members have a lot to do with that.
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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/4/2016

A fine day indeed today, as Solar LeRoy and I got the third charge controller (finally!) hooked up and operating.

To remind folks this puppy has been sitting around since March 11th, when its arrival heralded 8 unrelenting weekends of snow, rain, cold, and some combo of all three. We took advantage of one weekend to get the batteries moved up here, and then last weekend we did the basic conduit work to get the new lines run up to the shed. We ran into an unexpected problem last week when the drill I was using to put a new conduit for the line through the wall died on me, but I got a new one (plus a new bit--that old one was getting pretty worn).

So today we finished up the conduit pass thru, got the conduit all glued up and buried, and wired in the new charge controller. So now each set of 12 panels runs up to its own charge controller, which helps keep the theoretical maximum amps below the rated controller capacity (they're each 80 amps) and pushed up my potential maximum input to 240 amps. This second will be important once my new battery stack is in place as it's so much larger -- I want to make sure that on the average sunny day there's plenty of power to fully charge it back up.

Once we were done with the conduit and charge controller work I did some prep work for the new racking for the new battery system. As it happens, the part of the shed that the racking will go onto isn't as level as it should be, and with 4 tons of batteries on the line you want that sucker level and steady. So it looks like I'll have to pour a little bit more concrete to create a "step up" of sorts towards the rear of the shed to put the new racking on. I don't have to do much -- a smidge over an inch should suffice -- and of course all of the leftover rebar will get tossed once it's poured. Once this is poured and sets I'll have a nice level surface to set up the racking and start stacking those ginormous batteries.

Progress, slow but steady.

Steven in Colorado


The conduit for the new charge controller. Solar LeRoy broke out those panels and ran them separately (so we didn't have to pull open the old and buried conduit).
Three, count'em THREE charge controllers! Bwahahahahahahahahahaha.........

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