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There is so much to blog about, but I will have to wait to do that, and I will when I finish this house. I have to give back to this board in order to help someone out.
Samuel in Smyrna, DE

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 5/22/2016

Well now, it's been yet another frustrating couple of weeks.

After the batteries arrived back on the 12th I'd hoped to be able to get them to the house over the weekend of the 14th. In fact, if you'll recall I got one pallet up here and unloaded, hoping that this would help Solar LeRoy's truck with the (rather impressive) load and save a bit of time on the day of the move.

It was not to be. I woke up on the 14th to hard, cold, 30-degree fog! It was remarkably thick too...I couldn't see down to the end of the driveway.

I had hopes that it would clear up and Solar LeRoy and I exchanged texts as the morning wore on, but by 11:00 AM it was quite apparent that it wasn't going anywhere. The weather wasn't particularly good down where Solar LeRoy was either, and so we decided to kick everything to Sunday the 15th.

Well, it wasn't all that foggy on Sunday -- but it was very cold (29 degrees! Yay!) and it started snowing (lightly) as I looked out the window. The snow quickly turned to rain, then snow again, then it did get foggy for a few hours -- and I gave it all up as a bad plan. Colorado was just plain determined to have one last winter fling, I guess.

So that brought us to this weekend. For once the forecast did not predict rain and snow and cold and hail and what all, but fine warm weather! So after chatting with Solar LeRoy and arranging to meet at about 9:00 AM, I got up Saturday morning and headed down to the first gate in the canyon...

...where I waited. And waited. AND WAITED. Thank goodness I'd brought a book.

Eventually he texted me. He'd had a flat coming up the highway and had to go get one of his spares mounted onto a rim. We laughed (it wasn't his fault after all) and elected to reconvene about noon.

Success! Solar LeRoy came rumbling up, we parked his truck, and started transferring the batteries to the pickup I'd borrowed. As these puppies weigh 358 pounds each this was not very easy, but I will say we had it down to a science by the time we got the last set loaded and moved. We offloaded them all along the edge of the road above the solar shed (to be transferred down in a couple of weeks). It was well into dark by the time we were finally done, but we had them up here! Huge milestone.

I thought some pics of these monsters would be in order. These are 2V 2282 amp-hour jobs from Outback, 2700 RE AGM batteries. They fit into a monster huge rack 6 on a shelf, for a total of 24 (so I get 48V total). They weigh 358 pounds each (wow).

Next weekend we'll get the long languishing charge controller installed and hopefully move the existing Interstates over to one side to clear the area where the new batteries will go. After I triple-check that we have a nice level floor and do any repair work if needed (leveling cement might be necessary in one part; I'll have to check when I have a clear workspace) I'll build the rack and we'll get ready to install. I'm hoping that will be the weekend of the 4th, but we'll see -- Colorado has certainly been full of surprises these last few weeks!

But they're here! Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven in Colorado


The batteries all lined up and protected from any potential rain
The batteries themselves. The cases (that gray part) are heavy steel and stay on the battery; it's mounted into the racks with flanges on each side.
A closeup of one of the batteries

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