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Hello All, great website and forum. I really appreciate everyone's help. A little about myself... I have been planning for years as to what I want in a custom home. I just recently got very serious about it. I really look forward to joining your ranks as an O-B.
Ian L.

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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 4/29/2016

Sandra has told me to put a timeline together, which is a really good idea, especially for someone like me to use. It's just getting down to doing it. Numerous things are now starting to come into the picture that need to be addressed as we move along. Excavation, architectural committee approval, building permits, electrical service, water, tree removal, septic layout, etc. So as soon as I get finished putting the final trades plans on the drawings, I'll get to that.

Speaking of drawings, we picked those up from the draftsman on Monday! Thursday we submitted a couple sets to the architectural committee, but they don't meet for two weeks, so we can't start excavation until they approve and we get them to inspect the placement on the lot. :-( But I did get a permit to begin tree removal, (which saves my butt on the tree removal I did earlier :-) )

We are still waiting on the engineer, but he has promised the foundation design by the end of next week. He thinks we can get rid of the buttresses which would be be fantastic. Looks like we'll still need rebar on the lower section, and a 12" wall, but not having buttresses will help from a number of standpoints, including cost.

Once we get the foundation plans, we can go and pull the building permits.
Signed up an electrician to put in the service drop since I'm not allowed to do that here. The utility will have to put in a new primary line (13,000 volt) up into the lot and set a transformer. Total service drop is about $4,000 including the labor. Another cost we hadn't planned for, as we thought we could use the existing setup that had been run years ago.

Had the surveyor out yesterday to mark out the rough points for excavation. After it's rough excavated, he'll go back in and doing the final layout of the footers.

Need to contact a stair company to get options and pricing. We have four stories of stairs, and the stories are tall, 12-14 feet from floor to floor once the floor trusses are added in. While the draftsman put in the risers, he was having trouble figuring how to fit the support in. So I told him to quit and a stair fabricator should be able to figure it out.

I've gone out for a quote on the curved glulams and for the SIPs to cover them as well as floor trusses and roof trusses. All of this possible now that the drawings are done.

Getting final quotes on windows so we can award them next week. Have two contractors looking at getting me an estimate on framing what isn't concrete (now that we have drawings).

And lastly, I am transferring the plumbing, mechanical and electrical layouts I roughed in earlier on interim designs, to the final drawings, using colored markers to denote all of the various lines.

So while we watch the snow fall again today (this isn't Alaska is it?), I've got plenty to do, and oh yeah, then I've got a timeline to put together!

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