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I've been wickedly hooked on this website now for weeks. It's unbelievably informative! I can't believe I'm actually sitting here doing a journal. Never thought I would become so involved, but after reading the others I can see what an awesome memoir to have after a LONG project. So what the heck!
Kristy in Saint Lucie, FL

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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 4/9/2016

Picked up a new chainsaw to begin removing trees that would not be part of the excavators knock downs. Partly as fire prevention and partly as allowing for views. Took down a total of eight. Still have several standing dead trees to get out, but slowly getting them taken care of. Overall we will remove more than 20 trees from the lot, leaving probably 70 left. So we are not deforesting the place. ;-) It's a bit tough getting them bucked and cut up at 9,000 ft., but I'm becoming more accustomed to the thin air.

Spent several days trying to get hold of the contractor I was planning on using. When he finally responded, he simply said he was now booked up for the year, and wouldn't be able to get to me until next year. Huh? Some of the blame is mine; I hadn't locked him in to the project, but I had been waiting on him for the quote on the concrete work, which is 3/4 or more of his end of the project. I should have pushed harder for that quote. So I'm at square one on that. And that's a big problem. I have since found a contractor in Santa Fe who is a distributor of ICFs who also has a contracting company and he would love to bid the project. So I've shot him what I currently have as far as plans. Also will go and talk to another couple contractors locally. So I'm not going to panic at the moment. 
Draftsman says he should be done in two weeks. Waiting on the new engineer to get me his quote so I can sign off and get him going. Draftsman needs his design to run the foundation drawings.
I did decide on the excavator. The first one that came out. I was still waiting yesterday for a quote from the other guy, and still hadn't received it at the deadline I gave him. So I have nothing to compare the first guy's quote to except an old estimate for the septic which he was in line with. But he had been well recommended, was prompt throughout process and when I spoke to him to let him know he was my choice, replied he'd start next week with the road work and rough out of the excavation. So, we actually are beginning to move forward!

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