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Posted by Larry in Angel Fire, NM on 3/25/2016

This seems to be a recurring theme, if one remembers the original architect we had. They seem to simply book more than they can handle. Finally got a floor plan last week, and spent an hour with him on the phone afterwards to discuss it. Waiting on the revision, so we can give him the go-ahead to proceed with the rest of the work. We can't go for permits until the plans are complete, and we are now ready to pull the trigger. In the meantime I'm trying to take care of the other things that need to get done. Contacted four companies for excavation, septic and redoing the very long driveway. One fellow replied immediately, came out and gave us a quote. It was in the range I was expecting, unless we have to blast. Two others never responded, and the fourth responds very slowly, like days to return calls. We have yet to get him out and look at the work. We'll most likely use the fellow that responded quickly. He was given very good reviews by the two contractors I have considered using and response is important to me as we made need additional work done later. Why so many businesses in the trades just don't seem to get that point is beyond me.

Went to Santa Fe last week to discuss permitting with the state division that handles rural areas like ours. Fellow was very helpful. Got info on which code editions were applicable and have ordered them. Also info on the electrical test I need to take to self do the electric and process for pulling trade permits.

Ran an electric service size calc. and have determined that a 200-amp service will be sufficient. Started designing the HVAC duct layouts throughout the house. The use of two-foot deep floor trusses really makes the duct layout a snap. I'd recommend them to anyone even though the cost is somewhat higher that I-joists.

For the fourth floor which contains an office and two bedroom suites, that will rarely be occupied, I'll use electric strip as the load is tiny. A 500-watt heater in the bedrooms and office would be all that's necessary in the worst weather. The baths I'll run a 300-watt radiant strip in the floors. 

Next will be the electrical layouts, while we wait for the draftsman to get finished.

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